Interlogix NX-482 - Wireless PIR Motion Detector Reviews

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Submitted on 01/21/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix NX-482 is a wireless 319.5 MHz PIR motion detection sensor that reliably responds to movement within its coverage area. The sensor uses advanced 4D signal processing technology that allows the device to accurately measure the size, shape, and movement speed of the intruder. The sensor will check to make sure that the detected energy signature matches that of a human before activating and alerting the system. This helps to reduce false alarms, and it ensures that the device works as accurately as possible. The sensor also utilizes special "undercrawl" protection to thwart intruders who may try to pass underneath the sensor's coverage area. But while the Interlogix NX-482 does offer some nice features, it is a very expensive sensor, and it doesn't really offer anything that you won't find on a more affordable model. Overall, this is a good sensor, but we wouldn't necessarily recommend it from a cost-performance ratio. For that reason, we only give the Interlogix NX-482 a 4-Star rating.

We really like the fact that the Interlogix NX-482 offers some nice features. Its 4D signal processing works great, and we have found that it does an excellent job of reducing false alarms. We also really appreciate the sensor's undercrawl protection to detect intruders who may try to pass below the sensor's normal coverage area. The sensor offers a nice wireless range of up to 500 feet in an open-air environment. And we like the sensor's adjustable pulse count as well. Finally, the LED light is a nice touch.

Really, the biggest problem with the NX-482, and the reason it only receives a 4 Star rating, is due to its price. This sensor costs $117 at the time of this review, and that is very expensive for just one motion sensor. That price is more what we would expect for a system communicator or a very cheap alarm panel. You can find many other 319.5 MHz motion sensors for a fraction of the price, most of which will work just as well as the Interlogix NX-482. That is why this product only gets 4 Stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: 4D Signal Processing, Undercrawl Protection, Nice Wireless Range, Adjustable Pulse Count, LED Light

Bad: Too Expensive!

Bottom Line: 4 Stars