Honeywell LCP500-DK - Lyric Controller Desk Mount Reviews

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Awesome Lyric Desk Mount!
Submitted on 08/01/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Honeywell LCP500-DK as a reliable desk mount for the Resideo Lyric Alarm System. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who doesn't want to mount their Lyric Panel to the wall. This can save tons of time during the installation, and it eliminates the need for drilling holes into the wall. This makes it great for people living in apartments or rental properties who are unable to make marks on the wall. That is why we give the Honeywell LCP500-DK a perfect 5-Star rating.

Nearly every wireless alarm control panel has a compatible desk mount available to let you rest the system on a table or desk. Not every user wants to mount their panel to the wall, and some users are simply unable to. That is why desk mounts can be so useful in many installations. They make it possible for virtually anyone to install their own alarm system. Anyone with a Lyric Security System who wants to avoid permanently mounting their panel can benefit greatly from this product.

Our technicians have found that the Honeywell LCP500-DK is extremely easy to apply to the Lyric System. You just want to make sure that you run the power wire through the LCP500-DK Desk Mount BEFORE you connect it with the panel. Otherwise, you will have to redo the connection to the panel. Remember that we recommend using a Honeywell LT-Cable for connecting the Lyric System with its plug-in transformer.

As far as performance goes, we have found that the Honeywell LCP500-DK works great. It keeps the system nice and sturdy, and it sure beats just lying the panel flat on a table or desk. You will be surprised just how much more pleasant it is to use a Lyric Panel after you have applied a Honeywell LCP500-DK Desk Mount. And if you ever want to take it off, just slide the stand off, and then remove the accompanying back plate. The back plate for mounting the Lyric to the wall can be reapplied easily if needed.

Bottom line, we think the Honeywell LCP500-DK is a great product. Get this desk mount if you want to avoid mounting your Lyric to the wall.