Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ - 1-Button Zone Dimming Z-Wave Controller Reviews

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Great Z-Wave Dimmer!
Submitted on 12/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ is a single button Z-Wave dimming module. The device can be used to control a Z-Wave scene, or it can be used to dim the lights and turn them on and off. However, the main appeal to the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ over many other Z-Wave light switches is that it is possible to pair it with a dimmer in a 3-way or multi-pole setup without the use of a traveler wire. This is a key feature, as you would traditionally need to wire in a traveler wire for this type of setup. Some DIY users may find that to be difficult depending on the positioning of the switches. For that reason, we give the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ a 5 Star rating.

Seriously, the single best aspect of the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ is the fact that it can be used with other dimming modules in a 3-way or multi-pole configuration without using a traveler wire. That is very cool, and super convenient. Other than that, we like that this module is easy to pair. It is also easy to install. All you need to do is cut power at the breaker, remove your existing dimmer, and wire the Leviton LRCZ1-1LZ in its place. This is simple even for a DIY user!

However, there are some downsides to the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ. It only uses standard Z-Wave. If you have a newer Z-Wave Plus controller, then you may want to find a Z-Wave Plus dimmer so that you can take advantage of the robust range that Z-Wave Plus offers. Also, the product is discontinued, and you can no longer buy it new. But despite these minor drawbacks, this is still an outstanding product. We give the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ 5 Stars.

Good: 3-Way & Multi-Pole Wiring w/o Traveler Wire, Easy to Install & Pair

Bad: Standard Z-Wave, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 5 Stars