Leviton VRUSB-1US - Z-Wave Programmer USB Installer Tool Reviews

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Submitted on 08/01/2019 Alarm Grid

It is difficult for us to recommend the Leviton VRUSB-1US Z-Wave Programmer USB Installer Tool. However, we do acknowledge it can still be the best option in certain situations. For that reason, we give this product 3 Stars out of 5.

If you are building a new Z-Wave network, then you might want to consider using a different hub or controller than one available from Leviton. Our technicians have found that they get much better results out of a security system with a Z-Wave controller using Alarm.com or Total Connect 2.0. If you are not using an alarm system, then you might consider going with something like Samsung SmartThings. All of these platforms allow you to add compatible Z-Wave devices without any special programming. ADC, TC2, and ST will all allow you to create special rules and scenes for your Z-Wave devices, with only a compatible hub being required.

The Leviton Z-Wave Hubs also normally allow you to pair most Z-Wave devices without applying any software to the Z-Wave devices. However, if you want to start making associations between Leviton button controller switches, then you will often need to apply the Vizia RF+ Software from Leviton. That is where the Leviton VRUSB-1US comes into play. The Leviton VRUSB-1US allows you to apply the aforementioned software to your Z-Wave devices.

You use the Leviton VRUSB-1US by plugging it into a compatible computer and downloading the Vizia RF+ Software, which is linked on our product page for the Leviton VRUSB-1US. Then plug the Leviton VRUSB-1US into your Z-Wave controller or hub. It will be able to apply the software to your Z-Wave devices. You will then be able to make advanced associations between your Z-Wave devices and Leviton controllers and switches.

While this sounds great on paper, our technicians have found that the Leviton VRUSB-1US doesn't always work that well. We have found that the device does not work reliably with Macintosh or MAC OS Computers. It also does not work reliably with Windows 8 or Windows 10 Computers. In fact, we have found that you can really only use this device with PC devices that are running Windows 7 or older. This severely limits the usability of the Leviton VRUSB-1US. Coupled with the fact that you really only need this product for some extremely niche Leviton Z-Wave associations, and it is very difficult for us to recommend. There are much better and more efficient ways to go about building a smart home network.

Bottom line, if you are building a new smart home network, get a security system that uses ADC or TC2, and use that as your Z-Wave controller or hub. If you have no intention of using an alarm system, then you are still better off with something like a Samsung SmartThings Hub. If you are an iOS user, then Apple HomeKit is also a great option, though that won't use Z-Wave devices. The only reason to buy the Leviton VRUSB-1US is if you already have a Leviton Z-Wave Network and you need to make some advanced associations with your Z-Wave devices. If you are in that situation, then the Leviton VRUSB-1US will work, but you must remember its weird quirks of only being compatible with a very limited selection of computers. It is extremely hard for us to recommend this product, but we know that it is the best option in some situations.