Linear LBR30Z-1 - Z-Wave Flood Light Bulb Reviews

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Great Z-Wave Flood Light Bulb!
Submitted on 11/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The Linear LBR30Z-1 is a Z-Wave flood light bulb that can be used with nearly any Z-Wave compatible security system or other Z-Wave controller. You enroll the light bulb as a Z-Wave light so that you can control the light from your Z-Wave hub. If you have a security system that uses an interactive automation platform like Total connect 2.0 or, then you can control it from that platform as well. You can even use it with smart scenes if the platform supports that feature. Overall, the Linear LBR30Z-1 works very well as a Z-Wave flood light. We give it 5 stars.

There are many things to like about the Linear LBR30Z-1. For one, it is easy to enroll. You simply clear it from the network and enroll it like any other Z-Wave device. The LBR30Z-1 installs like a standard light bulb, so you should have no trouble installing it into a compatible socket. The device only draws 7.5 Watts of power, so it is energy efficient as well. And it certainly provides a good amount of light as a flood light. Additionally, the flood light offers a nice "daylight" feel. And the bulb is dimmable!

There are some downsides to the Linear LBR30Z-1 that should be discussed. For one, it only uses standard Z-Wave. You will not get to take advantages of the extended range associated with Z-Wave Plus if you have a compatible Z-Wave Plus controller. The light is designed for indoor use only, which may restrict its use. It requires a recessed lighting can of 4 inches or larger. Make sure the bulb can fit the socket! The light has also been discontinued, so you can no longer purchase it from Alarm Grid.

The Linear LBR30Z-1 works great, and we definitely recommend as a flood light if you can find one. It earns a 5 Star rating.

Good: Easy to Enroll, Easy to Install, Energy Efficient, Nice "Daylight" Color, Dimmable

Bad: Standard Z-Wave, Indoor Use Only, Must Fit Lighting Socket, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 5 Stars