Linear PS15Z-2 - Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module Reviews

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Decent Plug-In Module
Submitted on 12/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Linear PS15Z-2 is a Z-Wave plug-in module that allows a connected device to be controlled across a Z-Wave network. The device supports incandescent loads of up to 600 Watts, resistive loads of up to 1,800 Watts, or up to a 1/2 HP fan motor. This is an easy to use Z-Wave plug-in module, though it is a bit outdated by today's standards. We give it a strong 4 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Linear PS15Z-2. For one, the device is easy to use. You just need to plug it in and enroll it with your Z-Wave network. Then connect any device within the load limit to use it with your Z-Wave network. There is a designated outlet on the Linear PS15Z-2 for Z-Wave control. The other outlet is a pass-through outlet, which can be used with any connected device for non-Z-Wave functionality. The pass-through outlet is a nice touch, as it means that the module will not hog the entire receptacle. Being able to use this device with a standard 120VAC outlet is very convenient!

But there are some downsides to consider with the Linear PS15Z-2. For one, it only uses standard Z-Wave. You will not be able to take advantage of the extended range of Z-Wave Plus with this device, even if you have a Z-Wave Plus controller. For that reason, the device is considered to be outdated by most standards. Additionally, the device uses a 3-prong connector. If you have an older outlet with 2-prongs, then you will need an adapter piece. This can mean a trip to the hardware store if you don't already have an adapter lying around somewhere. It should also be mentioned that this device has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Overall, the Linear PS15Z-2 is fine if you already have one, but those in the market for a new Z-Wave plug-in module will want to consider something newer, preferably a module that supports Z-Wave Plus. We give the Linear PS15Z-2 4 Stars.

Good: Easy to Use, Pass-Through Outlet, Works w/ Standard 120VAC Outlets

Bad: Not Z-Wave Plus, 3-Prong Connector, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 4 Stars