Linear WS15Z-1 - 15 Amp Z-Wave Switch Reviews

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Decent In-Wall Switch
Submitted on 08/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The Linear WS15Z-1 is an in-wall Z-Wave switch that can pair with virtually any Z-Wave controller or hub. The device supports a lighting load of up to 15A, or 1800 Watts. You must wire the hot, neutral, and ground wires from the existing in-wall switch when setting up the Linear WS15Z-1. It easily pairs with a Z-Wave hub through a traditional inclusion process. However, this is a classic Z-Wave device, and most users will want to get Z-Wave Plus devices for use with the newest Z-Wave controllers. Z-Wave Plus hubs are compatible with older classic Z-Wave devices, but Z-Wave Plus devices should be used for optimal wireless range. For that reason, we only give the Linear WS15Z-1 a 4-Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Linear WS15Z-1. For one, it is relatively easy to pair with a Z-Wave controller. The device will allow for smart control of the connected lights. If you have it paired with a monitored alarm system, then you will be able to control it through an interactive automation platform like Total Connect 2.0 or, provided that such a service is included with your monitoring plan. The device has good build quality, and it can be used reliably for a very long time.

But there are also downsides for the Linear WS15Z-1. This is a classic Z-Wave device, and you won't get the same range as a Z-Wave Plus device when using a Z-Wave Plus controller. Of course, if you only have a classic Z-Wave controller or hub, then this won't really matter. Like any in-wall switch, the Linear WS15Z-1 must be installed. This isn't too difficult, but it is still a minor inconvenience. What's more annoying is that you need to connect a neutral wire to the Linear WS15Z-1. Certain newer models don't require a neutral wire, and those are often preferred by DIY users. And since some older homes may not have neutral wires set up, you may run into problems when installing the Linear WS15Z-1 in older homes. With these downsides in consideration, we give the Linear WS15Z-1 a 4-Star score.

Good: Easy to Enroll, Provides Smart Control for Lights, Control Lights Remotely, Good Build Quality

Bad: Not Z-Wave Plus, Must be Installed, Neutral Wire Required

Bottom Line: 4 Stars