Linear WT00Z-1 - 3-way Switch Reviews

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Submitted on 06/03/2020 Alarm Grid

The Linear WT00Z-1 is a 3-way switch that is used to control lighting loads that have already been wired to a switch or dimmer. As a result, the Linear WT00Z-1 doesn't actually control any lighting devices on its own. It is simply an add-on accessory that allows a user to control a light from a secondary on-site location. The advantage to using the Linear WT00Z-1 is that it can be associated with master, load-bearing switches using Z-Wave technology. This is as opposed to a physical traveler wire, which is traditionally used to associate a load-bearing switch with a 3-way switch. This is huge, as it can really make an installation easier. As such, we give the Linear WT00Z-1 a 5 Star rating.

As we mentioned before, the biggest advantage to the Linear WT00Z-1 is that it is a 3-way switch that can pair with a load-bearing switch across a Z-Wave network. This eliminates the need for running a traveler wire from the load-bearing switch to the 3-way switch. And you aren't limited to a 3-way setup, as 4-way and 5-way lighting loads are also possible. And each WT00Z-1 can control up to three (3) groups, meaning that it is possible to control up to 15 different light switches and dimmers with a single WT00Z-1.

The biggest downside to the Linear WT00Z-1 is that it is not actually a load-bearing switch. It is only used alongside actual load-bearing switches. You will only use it if you are configuring a multi-pole lighting setup. Keep that in mind when purchasing. Also remember that the Linear WT00Z-1 uses classic Z-Wave technology as opposed to newer Z-Wave Plus. You may want to look for a Z-Wave Plus model if you are using Z-Wave Plus devices, as to keep your network consistent. But these downsides are fairly minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Line WT00Z-1 a 5 Star score.

Good: No Traveler Wire Needed, Up to 5-Way Lighting Setup, Controls Up to 3 Groups of Switches

Bad: Not a Load-Bearing Switch, Classic Z-Wave

Bottom Line: 5 Stars