Qolsys IQ Carbon - Wireless CO Detector for Qolsys Security Systems Reviews

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Great CO Detector!
Submitted on 12/18/2019 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Carbon is a wireless 319.5 MHz carbon monoxide detector. It alerts the system it is programmed with to the presence of harmful CO gas. Carbon monoxide is both odorless and tasteless, and an outbreak can quickly result in loss of human life. We have found that the Qolsys IQ Carbon responds accurately and reliably to CO gas, and it is great for use with any compatible 319.5 MHz system. That is why we give the Qolsys IQ Carbon a 5 Star rating.

The most important aspect of the Qolsys IQ Carbon is that it responds quickly to unusually high levels of CO gas. This device checks that box, and you can count on it to reliably respond to a CO gas leak in a home or business. Beyond that, there are some other aspects that help the IQ Carbon stand-out. It has an integrated LED light that is useful for providing a visual indication of the current status. The device also features a Temporal 4 sounder, which produces sounds of up to 85 dB. This is crucial for making sure that building occupants are quickly alerted to an outbreak of CO gas. You can also technically use the IQ Carbon as a local sounder even if you don't enroll it. However, enrolling it to your panel is still strongly recommended!

But there are some downsides to the Qolsys IQ Carbon that should also be mentioned. For one, the IQ Carbon uses a lithium CR123A battery for power, and the battery will need to be replaced periodically. Like most carbon monoxide detectors, the IQ Carbon has a limited lifespan of roughly five (5) years. Once the device reaches its end of life, it must be replaced entirely. But overall, these are relatively minor issues that you would likely encounter with any wireless carbon monoxide detector. Its benefits outweigh its downsides. For that reason, Alarm Grid gives the Qolsys IQ Carbon 5 Stars.

Good: Reliably Detects CO Gas, LED Status Light, Temporal 4 Sounder, Can Be Used w/o Programming

Bad: Battery Needs Occasional Replacing, Finite Product Life

Bottom Line: 5 Stars