Qolsys IQ Power Supply - Replacement AC Transformer (12V DC) for IQ Panel Reviews

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Great Transformer for Original IQ Panel
Submitted on 07/25/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Qolsys IQ Power Supply as a replacement transformer for the original Qolsys IQ Panel. This is the best transformer to purchase if you have lost or damaged the original stock transformer that came with your IQ Panel System. Remember that the system already comes with this same transformer included in the box. You only need to buy this transformer if you must replace that original one. But if that is your situation, then this is an excellent transformer. It is super easy to connect wires to the appropriate power terminals. The transformer plugs into a wall outlet very nicely.

Our team has verified that this transformer provides a consistent source of 12VDC power. When using a DC transformer like the Qolsys IQ Power Supply QR0017-840, you must make sure to follow proper polarity. This means that the negative (-) terminal on the transformer must connect with the negative power input on the panel. Meanwhile, the positive (+) on the transformer must connect with the positive power input on the panel. The common practice is to use black for negative (-) and red for positive (+). But it really doesn't matter what colors you use, as long as everything is consistent.

One limitation of this transformer is how long of wire runs it will support. Alarm Grid generally recommends using 18-gauge wire for most alarm system installations. By using 18-AWG wire, you can have a maximum run distance of 25 feet from the panel when using this transformer. If you need to achieve a longer wire run, then you can always use thicker wire. Remember, the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire. You might also consider using a Honeywell LT-Cable with the Qolsys IQ Power Supply Transformer. The LT-Cable comes pre-prepared, meaning that you won't have to strip any wires. You will just need a screwdriver to connect the cable to the terminals.