Qolsys IQ Siren - Z-Wave Siren for Qolsys IQ and IQ Panel 2 Reviews

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Fantastic Z-Wave Siren!
Submitted on 10/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Siren is a convenient Z-Wave siren that allows you to achieve a louder sound when a security system goes into alarm, or simply add a reliable sounder option to a system. The siren operates at 105 dB, which is great for most homes and small businesses. The built-in strobe light adds a nice touch for providing a visual indication of an alarm. Most systems allow it to be easily programmed as a z-wave device, with no additional set up being required. However, there are some systems that technically support the siren, but will also require rules and scenes to be established so that it works properly.

There are many things to like about the Qolsys IQ Siren. The 105 dB operating volume is louder than the typical 85 dB wireless system internal sounder, thereby making it a nice addition for many users. The siren can be conveniently plugged into an outlet for easy and reliable power. It also has a backup battery so that the device can still be activated during an electrical outage. Most systems will properly recognize the device as a siren. This means that no special set up is needed to use it. Instead, the device will just automatically activate during an audible system alarm event. This applies to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and the 2GIG GC3 System. The strobe light for the IQ Siren is nice as well, as it provides visual indication of the alarm. Additionally, the device is Z-Wave Plus to allow for extended range when used with a Z-Wave Plus controller.

But there are some downsides to the IQ Siren. Some panels view the device as a light switch, rather than a siren. This means that you will have to program rules and scenes so that the system knows to activate the siren during alarm events. This applies to the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels and Honeywell Lyric, as these systems see the IQ Siren as a switch, and not as a siren. While the integrated backup battery is a nice touch, it cannot be easily replaced. This means that once the battery dies (after many years), losing AC power will render the siren non-functional until electrical power is restored. Fortunately, it will take roughly 8 to 10 years for this to occur.

Overall, the sheer convenience of the IQ Siren more than makes up for its flaws. For that reason, we strongly recommend the IQ Siren to customers.

Good: Most Systems Allow for Easy Setup; Perfect Volume for Most Homes & Small Businesses; Built-In Strobe Light; Z-Wave Plus

Bad: Honeywell Systems Require Programming Rules & Scenes; Battery Eventually Dies

Bottom Line: 5 Stars.