Qolsys QR0030-840 - Replacement Magnet for Qolsys Door/Window Contacts Reviews

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Great Replacement Magnet
Submitted on 08/11/2020 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys QR0030-840 is the replacement magnet for Qolsys Door and Window Contacts. This is a great accessory to purchase if your existing magnet becomes damaged or lost. While the magnet is built for use with surface-mounted Qolsys Contacts, you can really use it with almost any surface-mounted door and window contact sensor. This is a very useful replacement magnet that can be used nicely in many different applications. We give it a perfect 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Qolsys QR0030-840 Replacement Magnet. For one, the magnet is extremely versatile. Although it was built for use with Qolsys Contact Sensors, it also works nicely with most other surface mount contacts. The magnet is very easy to mount. You have the option of using either double-sided foam tape or screws to mount the magnet. It is relatively small in size, meaning that you can easily position it to fit your door or window. The replacement magnet should match Qolsys door and window sensors perfectly, which can be important for users looking to maintain aesthetics.

But there are also some minor downsides regarding the Qolsys QR0030-840 Replacement Magnet. Although the magnet can be used with contact sensors from manufacturers besides Qolsys, it might not match non-Qolsys Sensors. It can look a little awkward when installed on a door or window with a non-matching sensor. The replacement magnet is available in white only, so it won't match any brown sensors. The replacement magnet is for indoor use only, so you shouldn't use it with outdoor door and window sensors. The magnet is decently strong, but it isn't the strongest magnet out there. Normally, you will need to have it within a half inch of the sensor when the door or window is closed. Overall, these downsides are fairly minor. They do not stop us from rating the Qolsys QR0030-840 a 5-Star rating.

Good: Versatile, Works w/ Most Indoor Surface-Mount Contacts, Mount Using Double-Sided Foam Tape or Screws, Compact Size, Perfectly Matches Qolsys Sensors

Bad: Won't Match Non-Qolsys Sensors Perfectly, No Brown Option Available, Indoor Use Only, Stronger Magnets Available

Bottom Line: 5 Stars