XT Plastics XTBASE - Desk Mount for Simon XT, XTi & XTi-5 Reviews

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Great Desk Mount for Interlogix Simon Panels!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The XT Plastics XTBASE is a desk mount designed for use with the Interlogix Simon Series of wireless alarm panels. This is a good desk mount to use if you want to avoid having to mount your Interlogix Panel to the wall. We think that it works very well, and it is good for anyone with a compatible panel. That is why we give it a 5 Star Rating.

If you have a wireless alarm system, then you have a choice between mounting it on a wall, using a desk or table stand, or just laying it flat on a table. Mounting it on a wall is the traditional option, and it is probably what most users end up doing. But mounting a panel to the wall can be challenging for a DIY installer, and it will be move difficult to relocate the panel if you ever decide to move. The other extreme is to have the panel laying flat on a table, without using any equipment at all. This looks kind of tacky, and you will have to lean over the system to really see what you are doing.

Desk and table mounts represent a nice, happy medium for alarm system users. They allow the system to be installed without any power tools, and you can have the panel sitting up nicely on your desk or table. Our technicians have found that the XT Plastics XTBASE works very well for compatible Interlogix Simon Panels, including the Simon XT, XTi, XTi-5, and XTi-5i. It is made of very strong and durable plastics, and you will be able to keep it for years. And it sure beats having your panel laying flat on a desk or table.

With the XT Plastics XTBASE, you can have your panel standing upright and proud. It will look great, and you will feel more satisfied when using it. This is an overlooked accessory, but it is actually very useful, and it does its job perfectly. We give it 5 Stars.