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Security yard signs provide a great way for you to let others know that your property is monitored by Alarm Grid. The signs are eye-catching and easily seen by others. Installing is as simple as inserting a stake into the ground. Each sign is weather-resistant. Buy yard signs here.
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Alarm Grid Security Yard Signs
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Even if you have a home security system, it doesn't hurt to provide deterrents to discourage intruders from even trying to break into your home. Remember, a security system will only alert the authorities to a break-in. An alarm system won't physically stop an intruder from breaking down your door or smashing your window. But a security sign will certainly make them think twice.

Home security systems are great for catching intruders after they have committed crimes. And it is certainly good if you apprehend the guilty party. But that doesn't change the fact that your property and valuable belongings may have been seriously damaged. It's possible that the intruder may destroy possessions that cannot be recovered. The best thing you can do is try and prevent this from happening in the first place.

Sure, a security sign won't physically stop an intruder from making the poor decision to enter your property, but it's a great way to deter them. Intruders are not stupid. They seek out the vulnerable, unprepared households. That is, the ones without security alarm systems. If a person puts up a yard sign, it's fair to assume their monitored. Granted, they might just put up the sign for show, but it's very difficult for an intruder to be certain. If an intruder sees a sign, then they are likely to pass over the house and go on to the next one.

When you sign-up for Alarm Grid monitoring, you are free to request a complementary yard sign and security stickers to let others know you are monitored. Anyone who passes by your house will know that you have service with Alarm Grid. The sign will serve as bold reminder to the consequences that can occur if they break into your home. They will also know that they are very likely to get caught. After all, breaking into a home without setting off the security system is next to impossible. The authorities will be on their way shortly if they make entry.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from purchasing a security yard sign without monitoring service and installing them as a bluff. But we are not liable if an intruder calls your bluff and makes a clean break-in. We strongly recommend everyone to maintain active alarm monitoring service with Alarm Grid. That way, they will be ready if a break-in ever does occur. You can click the orange alarm monitoring button at the top of this page for more information about our monitoring plans.

Our security yard signs feature the blue Alarm Grid logo, along with our website and phone number. They are easily recognizable and are sure to be noticed by anyone passing by. These signs are also weather-resistant and prepared to withstand rain, snow, wind, dust and excessive sunlight. Each sign includes a long metal stake, which is perfect for installing in the grass or dirt. Mount the sign, and you are good to go. Now intruders will think twice before violating your property!

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