About Us

Alarm Grid was founded in July of 2012 as a different kind of alarm company. With our do-it-yourself support, no contract alarm monitoring services and the incredible wealth of information our site offers at no charge, installing a business or home security system on your own has never been easier. Because security system manufacturers design their products for security professionals to install, the installation and programming guides are not easy to understand for the average consumer. Therefore, you are forced to choose an alarm company to help you protect your property. Unfortunately, most alarm companies operate by locking you into a long-term alarm monitoring contact and then squeezing every dollar they can out of you over the lifetime of the contract. Simple things like changing a battery or adding a new user code turn into expensive on-site service calls.

After many years of working for alarm companies that only look out for their bottom line, we here at Alarm Grid believe you deserve better. We bring you the most advanced alarm technology available at affordable prices without the expensive service calls. With our expert knowledge and support, you can install your own security system at your convenience. Take your time to browse our site and choose the features and devices you want, instead of being forced into purchasing a system during a high pressure sales situation. Even if you don't know what you want, you can call us for a free consultation. The best part is that our security systems are not tied to an alarm monitoring contract. While we believe in the value of central station monitoring, we will never force you into signing up for something that you may not want. We want you to be able to choose the system that is right for you.

Of course, if you do want to have your security system monitored, Alarm Grid can be your service provider as well. However, unlike other alarm companies that force you to sign a contract that provides you zero protection, we invite you to sign up for our no contract alarm monitoring services. We believe that if a company provides a great service at the right price, a customer will never need to shop around. We will never hide behind a long term contract to keep our customers. We are confident that if we exceed your expectations every time you interact with us, we will build a life long relationship. If we ever fail to meet your needs, you have the option to find another alarm company.

We know that you have been looking for an alarm company that will treat you right and we are proud to say that your search is over. Welcome to Alarm Grid!