Alarm Sirens & Strobes

​An alarm siren and strobe light is an easy way to quickly scare off any vandals who decide to break into your home. You can set up your sirens and strobes to go off whenever a sensor on your alarm system is activated. These devices can be hardwired or wireless. Buy an alarm siren and strobe from us.
Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $64.99
LYNX External Sounder Kit for converting wired sirens into wireless sirens
List Price: $256.00
Our Price: $147.99
Wired External Siren Kit for the LYNX Touch Security Systems
List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $73.99
120dB Indoor/Outdoor siren w/ Colored Strobe
List Price: $90.00
Our Price: $77.99
120 dB Wired, Outdoor Siren
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $46.99
Wireless Siren
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: $98.99
Two-Tone Siren
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $8.99
Z-Wave Siren
List Price:
Our Price: $64.99
PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt
List Price:
Our Price: $136.99
Wireless PowerG Indoor Siren
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $80.99
Z-Wave Siren for Qolsys IQ and IQ Panel 2
List Price: $124.00
Our Price: $74.99
Dual-Tone Siren
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $19.99

Alarm sirens accomplish three main things when they are set off. For one, they let a criminal know that the system has responded to their break-in. This will encourage them to get out of the building as soon as possible, before they can cause further damage or steal more items. Second, a siren can be so loud that it can be physically uncomfortable to remain on the scene. This will make it even more difficult for a bad guy to go about their wrongdoings on your property. Finally, a good siren can alert others in the area about the trouble that has occurred. If you have any neighbors, a working siren is a great way to let them know that something is wrong and that help is needed immediately. Most users will have their sirens set to go off when an interior sensor is activated before a perimeter sensor while the system is set to arm away. This should never happen unless there is some type of intruder on the premises.

Sirens and strobes come in many forms. They can either be hardwired or wireless. A wireless siren is typically easier to install, due to the fact that no wires will need to be run from the panel to the security system. However, hardwired sirens are typically louder than wireless sirens. Alarm Grid offers sirens that produce sounds up to 120 decibels. This is about as loud as a rock concert. Sirens can also be designed for indoor or outdoor use. An outdoor siren is particularly useful for letting others in your neighborhood know about a break-in. Indoor sirens are also good for alerting people inside the premises, and they do not have to be weatherproof. As for strobe lights, they are great for providing visual indication of an alarm.

When choosing a siren and strobe, you will need to make sure that the device is compatible with your security system. If you are using a wireless siren, then its RF signals will need to be recognized by the panel. For instance a wireless siren designed for use with a Qolsys System will operate at a different frequency than a siren designed for use with a Honeywell System. As for wired sirens, a conversion kit is typically needed in order to use these devices with wireless panels. Honeywell offers this type of conversion kit, known as the LYNX-EXT.

Some sirens include a built-in strobe, while others only consist of a siren. Standalone strobes can also be purchased. For example, the Honeywell 710 is a great strobe light device for providing visual indication of an alarm event. On the other hand, a WBOX OE-OUTDSIRS is a hardwired outdoor siren that includes a built-in strobe light. This siren produces sounds up to 120 decibels, making it one of the loudest sirens that we offer. If you ever need any assistance choosing a siren for your security system, then our support team will be happy to help you online or over the phone.

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