PowerG PIR Motion Sensors Product Manuals

Qolsys TSB190620 - 80.17 PowerG Delayed Transmissions
Qolsys TSB190620 discusses an issue that affects v80.17 PowerG Radio Modem Firmware on the IQ Panel 2 Plus. Systems with v80.17 PowerG Firmware were experiencing delayed transmission on PowerG Sensors enrolled on Zones 1, 2, and 3. Update v80.25 resolved this issue. Learn all about Qolsys TSB190620.

DSC PowerG - Technical Data Sheet
The DSC PowerG Technical Data Sheet provides information and specifications regarding PowerG Sensors. This document explains PowerG Technology, the process for enrolling PowerG Sensors with an IQ Panel 2 Plus, Testing PowerG Sensors and which PowerG Sensors are supported. Learn about PowerG devices.