Controlling Z-Wave Door Locks with the VRC0P-1LW

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Leviton VRC0P-1LW - Plug-In Serial RS232 ASCII Z-Wave Interface
Leviton VRC0P-1LW
Plug-In Serial RS232 ASCII Z-Wave Interface
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1. Appli ication NoteControlling Z-Wave Door Lock with the VRC0P e ks V Application Note ID: HANA100 02121Door lock are differe from most other Z-W ks ent Wave devices because u s unlikedimmers and switche door lock are batter operated s es, ks ry secure devic and ces Version number:present unique opera u ational challe enges. 1.0 0By design, battery op perated secu devices require sign ificantly mor data ure re Date e:transfer and messages than regu devices in order to: a ular 10/02/2 2012 1. Wake up the device from sleep mode (Z-wave be W m e eaming) 2. Establish a se E ecure conne communicating ection between the two c Authoor: nodes N. AronovWhen no in direct co ot ommunicatio with the VRC0P, due to the amou of on V unt Product Line:data tran nsfer, it is crit eliable path is available between the door tical that a re e Vizia RF +®lock and the VRC0P so they are able to send commands and receiv status d s veupdates. Produuct: V Vizia RF + Ins staller ToolIn some instances, thhere may als be issues controlling multiple doo locks so s or Vizia RF + VRC0Pat the same time. Wh sending control com hen g mmands (loc ck/unlock) to two or Vizia RF + VRP03more locks simultane eously, the status responses for the first lock ma s ay Zwave Doo Locks orcollide with the contr command being sen to the next lock and af rol ds nt t ffectperformaance. P Numbers Affected: Part s VRUS SBResoluti ion: VRC0 0PIn order to set up a proper conne t p ection to the door locks iin the netwo a ork VRP0 03Rediscov at -6dB or lower pow level is re ver o wer equired after inclusion. rAdditiona once RS ally, S232 Setup is performed and the re d everse assoc ciations for th locks(s) a he arecomplete Update Routes must be performe These to ed, R t ed. ools can be f found in the RF Installer tool rDiagnost menu. Completing th tics C hese tasks will ensure th the VRC w hat C0P and the door locks u the usebest routting path thro ough the beaaming devicces.Note: If a rediscover is not perf ry formed at the lower pow level, the locks may u an unrel e wer use liablerouting device that may not cons m sistently reac the VRC0 This may cause the devices to lo the ch 0P. y osesecure coonnection, bottleneck th network and create tra b he a affic in order to re-estab r blish it.Leviton Manu ufacturing Co., Inc c. tech line 800 824-3005 h 5201 North Seervice Road fax 800 832-9538 8Melville, NY 11747-3138 1© 2012 Levito Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reser on rved. Subject to cha ange without notice e.
2. Page 2 of 2 Applicat tion NoteImage 1 Im mage 2Image 1 shows the RF Installer Node Redisc R N covery diagn nostic tool us to perform a redisco sed overy at apower lev of -6dB. velImage 2 RF Installer Update Rou utes diagnos tool used to update routes. stic dWhen co ontrolling multiple door lo ocks simultaneously, a tr riggered delay must be incorporated in the dintegratio system’s VRC0P driv (HAI, Elk, RTI, etc.) f battery op on ver for perated secure devices to ensureall contro and status update mes ol s ssages go th hrough The delay should allow the V d VRC0P drive to erconfirm the update is received fo the first loc before se s or ck ending the co ontrol commmand to the s secondlock and any subsequent locks. Without the delay, if mu ltiple door lo W ocks are conntrolledsimultane eously, the status updat for the fir lock will c s tes rst ommands fo the collide with the control co orsecond lo ock. This action will clog the network with traffic g c.By incorp porating thes recomme se endations int the system design, us to m sers will expe erience mor reconsisten control of door locks within the ne nt w etwork.Note: You must have a Vizia RF + VRC0P and VRP03 with a “+3” on the b u V back label to p perform secu uritycommand and route to door locks. ds tLeviton Manu ufacturing Co., Inc c. tech line 800 824-3005 h 5201 North Seervice Road fax 800 832-9538 8Melville, NY 11747-3138 1 wwww.leviton.comThis information contained in this document is subject to change at an time and without further notice. All rights reserved. © Leviton Manufactu s ny t uring, Inc.