Direct Wire #184 - 5800RP Transformer Changes to Meet UL Listing Requirements

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Honeywell 300-07753 - 5800RP UL Listed Transformer
Honeywell 300-07753
5800RP UL Listed Transformer
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Direct Wire #184
Technical Updates Directly To You

Direct Wire #184


Changes to Meet UL Residential Burglary Agency Requ

5800RP Wireless Repeater

October 2015
Dear Valued Honeywell Customer:

This communication is to inform you of the new chan
ges made to the 5800 wireless repeater to meet the
requirements for residential burglary.
UL Residential Burglary Requirements:

Battery needs to support 4hr backup.

User needs a visual indication of power status on t
he outside of the unit.
Changes to 5800RP to Meet UL Requirements:

A larger battery is now included in the 5800RP to m
eet the 4hr backup requirement. This battery will
also be available as a separate accessory to accomm
odate future battery replacements under part no.

A larger plastic enclosure supports the housing of
the larger battery.

New battery straps that hold the larger battery in
place will be assembled in the factory. (Removes th
need for installers to use velcro strips to hold ba
ttery in place).

We have released a new transformer equipped with an
LED that indicates whether AC power is on or
off. This transformer will be sold as a separate a
ccessory under part no. 300-07753 or can be
purchased as part of a consist-of kit under part no
. 5800RP-ULKT (Kit Includes 5800RP and 300-07753
transformer). Since not all 5800RP installs are int
ended to meet UL requirement, the transformer will
be sold separately.
Date the 5800RP Changes Take Effect:

These changes will be cut into production during th
e week of October 12
, 2015 (date code Y255 or

If you have any questions or require further assist
ance, please contact Honeywell Technical Support at

1 (800) 645-7492, Honeywell Customer Service at 1 (
800) 573-0154 or your local District Manager.

Thank you for your continued support for Honeywell