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Impassa with AT&T 3G Alarm.com Cellular Communicator, No Transformer

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Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System
Quick-Start Installation Guide
1. Remove the Front Plate
Using a small screwdriver, insert in the bottom left and right-hand slots and
gently pry to separate the front panel.
2. Mount the Back Cover
Begin by routing telephone line wiring, Input/Output wiring and AC power
wiring through the cutout in the back cover. Determine placement location
and mount the back cover to the wall using the screws and drywall plugs.
Note: For versions supporting cellular communications, the cellular signal
strength can be first checked in section [850], to determine the optimal
location to mount the unit.
3. Connect Wiring
Connect wiring to the terminal block on the back cover.
4. Connect the Battery
Connect the battery cable to the connector on the PCB, ensuring proper
orientation of the connector.
5. Attach the Front Cover
Place the top portion into the back cover first and press the bottom portion
into the back cover to snap into place. Artwork PN 30001315 / Manufacturing PN 29008215R001
6. Power Up the System
Apply power by plugging in the transformer.
8. Template Programming
The functions required for basic operation of the IMPASSA system can be
configured (4-digit code) quickly through the use of template programming in
section [899]. Code prompts exist for pre-defined zone definitions, reporting
code formats, communication call directions and DLS setup. Once the code
has been programmed, you will be prompted to enter the monitoring station
telephone number and account code, DLS access code, entry and exit
delays, and the installer code.
7. Enrol Wireless Devices
Using the quick enrol feature found in section [898], wireless devices can be
enrolled into the IMPASSA system easily.
9. Perform Placement Testing
The proposed placement of each wireless device should be tested before it is
mounted by entering section [904]-[907]. Testing the signal strength between
IMPASSA and the wireless devices can be accomplished in a group (global
placement test) or individuals.
10. Cellular Configuration
Prior to system installation, ensure the SIM card has been activated

with Connect24 (C24 Communications)
b. Configure the communications phone numbers in section [301]-[303]

and [305] to the desired configuration
c. Confirm the cellular communicator module by programming panel

section [382] option [5] as ON
Confirm panel section [401] option [1] as ON in order to perform

DLS sessions through cellular
panels, keypads & modules
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