DSC WP-433 - Programming Guide

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DSC WP-433
Wireless Device Programmer
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Document Transcript

Note1) If you are learning a PIR/GB or Wireless Key, the WP-433 will verify that you intended to
learn this type of device. Answer the prompt YES if correct or NO if not correct.
Note 2): If you require a different zone type other than the 6 supplied by the WP-433, temporarily
choose from one of the 6 and once the programmer has been downloaded you will
need to manually re-enter programming and change to the desired zone type.
It is important to clear the memory each time you use the WP-433 to program a new panel. To
clear the memory, use the arrow keys to scroll to ‘DSC Programmer, Clear Memory?’ Press YES.
Section 3: Deleting Memory
The WP-433 can batch delete all of its memory or any specific zones.
3.1 Batch Delete (Delete all memory)
1) Using the arrow keys, scroll to ‘DSC Programmer, Clear Memory’. Press the YES key. All
memory will be deleted.
3.2 Delete Selected Zones:
1) Using the arrow keys, scroll to the zone you wish to delete
2) Press the YES key. The WP-433 will verify that you want to DELETE that zone. Press YES to
delete or NO to return.
3.3 Changing Zone Serial Numbers.
At anytime you can over write any zone information that you request. Example, zone 2 is
programmed with a door window sensor but you really want zone 2 to be a PIR, follow the
instructions below to modify.
1) Using the arrow keys, scroll to the desired zone.
2) Press the Learn Key, Fault and Restore the new sensor and follow the prompts. The previous
sensor has now been replaced with the current sensor.
3.4 Zone Clashing
When learning in any wireless device, the WP-433 will verify that no other sensor or remote
having the same serial number has been previously enrolled and is in the WP-433 memory. If
you attempt to learn the same serial number into a different zone already in the WP-433, it will
alert you that a duplicate serial number is already present in the memory of the WP-433. Press
LEARN to learn another sensor or NO to exit.
3.5 Wireless Keys
The WP-433 can learn any DSC 433MHz wireless keys and will automatically enroll them as well
as defining the keys in section 804, #59 or #61 depending on version number. The #59, #61
default setting are 03 (Stay), 04 (Away), 27( Disarm) and 30 (Panic) and follows the icons on a
3.6 Wireless Key Assignment
Before a wireless key can be used for disarming, it may be necessary to assign a user code to
each wireless key. Please see your panels installation manual for more detail.
3.7 Battery
The WP-433 uses an internal 9V alkaline battery which needs to be replaced from time to time.
To replace the battery, remove the 4 screws from the rear of the programmer and remove the
back plate. Change 9V battery and replace screws.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may
not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may caus
undesired operation.
IC: The term ‘IC:’ before the radio certification number only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met.
WP-433 Wireless Programmer (Overview)
Section 1: Introduction
The WP-433 was designed to make enrolling most DSC wireless devices* the industries most
user friendly. The WP-433 will automatically program all necessary areas including section 804
(Enrolling the serial number), Section 001-004 (Zone Definitions), Section 101-132 (ensuring light
‘8’ is ON for wireless devices) and Sections 202-205 (Zone partitions**)
*You cannot use the WP-433 to enroll a WS4916 Smoke Detector, WS4938 Panic Button or
any product which serial number begins with a ‘4’ or ‘5’.
**Note: The WP-433 will automatically program any zone (01-32) or wireless key (section 41-56)
into partition 1. If you wish any zone or wireless key to be programmed in to partition #2 you
must re-enter programming after the WP-433 downloading is completed and manually change
desired zones or keys to Partition #2.
1.0 Supported Devices
• Supported Receivers: PC5132-433, RF5108-433 and RF5501-433
• Supported Devices: WLS925L-433, WLS904PL-433, WLS912-433, WLS914-433, WS4965,
WS4917, WS4927 and WS49X9
1.1 Specifications and Features
• Allows dealer to enroll wireless devices at any time easily and with maximum flexibility.
• Simply choose which zone you want to learn, fault or tamper and restore that sensor or press
the button on a wireless key and define the zone type. Once all devices have been learned
into the hand held programmer simply wire and download to any Power Series Panel through
its 4 wire connection.
• Non volatile memory allows installers to learn any wireless device into zones 01-32 and turn to
the programmer OFF to save battery power. All information will be stored permanently until the
installer chooses to delete (See section 3).
This manual contains information regarding product use and information on the limitations as
to liability of the manufacturer
Section 2: WP-433 Programming Wireless Devices
Step 1) Turn the power switch ON
Step 2) Using the arrow keys, scroll to ‘DSC Programmer, Clear Memory?’ Press YES
Step 3) Using the arrow keys, scroll to any zone you wish to learn.
Step 4) Press the LEARN button and then fault and restore the zone or tamper switch. The serial
number will be displayed for 2 seconds (See Note 1), the programmer will then prompt
you to ‘Select Zone Type’. Look at the red printing located above and below the 6 yel
low buttons, choose the appropriate zone type (See Note 2). The WP-433 will then
verify your choice, Press YES if correct or NO if not correct.
Step 5) The WP-433 will automatically go to the next available zone or you can use the arrow
keys to scroll to the next desired zone. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all wireless devices
have been learned.
Step 6) Attach the 4 wire harness supplied with the WP-433 to any KEYBUS connection. This
connection could be made at the keypad or control panel, but at the keypad will be
more convenient. Enter programming by pressing ‘*8 + Installer Code’. Press ‘Program
Panel’ button on the WP-433. Wait until the keypad exits programming and the
programmer display’s ‘DSC Programmer, Clear Memory?’ (Can take up to 5 minutes
based on panel type. PC5020 is the slowest). All wireless zones should now be
programmed, defined and set to partition 1.