Honeywell 4219 Data Sheet

You're welcome!
Thank you ma’am, really appreciate the information.
Hi Gary yes,that's how it should be done. Also, just so you don't get sidetracked by it, if you have a newer 4219, there is a Green LED on the board that will light up when you power the unit up. When you set your dips for address 08, the LED will go out. This is normal, and is not cause for alarm. The LED is meant to let you know that the unit has power initially, but is not intended to stay on all the time.
Question from 1st time alarm DIY'r. I am installing a Vista21 and am zone doubling Zones 2, 3, 6, & 8 (windows + glass break in same rooms). I need to add a 4219, as I need a couple of additional zones....can I add a 4219 & set it up for zones 17-24 (address 08) if I haven't done anything with address 07 (since some of 9-16) are being used as doubles with 1-8?

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