Honeywell 5800 Wireless Series Brochure - May 2018

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The Wireless Advantage
Advanced, Quick-Install Solutions For

Today’s Connected Home and Business Dealers
Connected Home 2
An excellent complement to 5800 Series wireless
technology, Honeywell Total Connect
Services ties all the devices in consumers’ homes and
businesses together on one platform
—keeping them
connected and in control with a single app anytime,
anywhere on their everyday smart devices.
The lifestyle-enhancing service
lets your customers:

• Control security, lights, thermostats and locks remotely

on their iPhone
, iPad
or Android

• Know exactly when their children get home from school,

when pet sitters or caregivers arrive, when employees

come and go and more
• Get iOS push notifications, texts, emails and video alerts

when important events occur
• Remotely view live video on up to six cameras at a time
• Elevate their connected home experience with the SkyBell

Video Doorbell, August Smart Lock
and Total Connect
Comfort Wi-Fi
and RedLINK

Connected Thermostats—

all part of our dynamic, growing ecosystem
• Control their security system with their voice using

their Amazon Alexa device and the Honeywell Total
Connect Skill.
• Control security, keep tabs on multiple locations and
activate Z-Wave
Smart Scenes with the
Apple Watch

to Opportunity
Wireless Solutions
for Today’s
Connected Home and Business
You know Honeywell’s 5800 Series as the most flexible,
convenient and cost-effective wireless security in the
industry, with over 100 million devices installed trouble-
free. They make even the most labor-intensive jobs quicker,
easier and more profitable.
Today, we’ve evolved—with a dynamic line of products that
combine security and lifestyle benefits for the connected
consumer. These solutions are designed to help you earn
RMR quicker and move on to the next installation faster—
including products that enhance life safety, protect outdoor
valuables, prevent theft and enhance end-user awareness.
They’re the best way to connect to opportunity.

Be There
Even when you can’t 3

Featuring an LED
status indicator and a
sleek, compact design,
the 5800MINI virtually
disappears when installed
and blends with any
décor—making it ideal
for applications where
aesthetics are critical such as ornate
doors, casement and double-hung
windows. It provides a single zone of
protection and installs easily on doors or
windows with the included double-sided
adhesive tape


The world’s
smallest wireless
Honeywell’s 5800RPS disappears when
installed on doors and windows, making
it ideal for any installations where
aesthetics matter.

Mini Window

Recessed Transmitter
5800MICRA is
compact and
ideal for vinyl

It also provides clean, fast installations,

up to a ten year battery life and exceptional
range. You’ll want to use it on every

job where aesthetics and discretion

are important.

Recessed Transmitter
With its small, sleek,
tapered design, the
5818MNL is another
great example of
how our technology
has evolved to meet your needs. The low-
profile design makes it perfect for discreet



Ideal for installations when
discretion and appearance
are critical, these versatile
transmitters are available
in both standard models
and a version with an extra
1" + gap. They provide
convenient, cost-effective door and
window protection, and feature dual reed
switches for added reliability.

Slimline Transmitter

At nearly one third smaller

than standard transmitters,

Honeywell’s 5820L is an ideal
choice for casement and

double-hung windows.
All units come with lithium batteries

Wireless Key
Security, Convenience and Style at Your Customers’ Fingertips
Stand out to your customers with the 5834-4 Four-button Wireless Key.

Exciting features like the sleek, compact size, LED, eight programmable functions

and more provide you with a great way to increase your sales.
• Compact size and comfortable, tactile keys
• Four programmable keys with up to eight functions let end-users summon
police, fire and other emergency response personnel with the press of a button
• Tactile keys are recessed to help prevent false alarms
• Supports both Standard and High-Security (Encrypted) modes

than previous
version 5898

The 5898 Wireless K-Band DUAL TEC Motion Sensor provides superior detection
while reducing the risk of false alarms.
The combination of microwave and PIR
technologies enable the sensors to distinguish between real intruders and
environmental conditions by confirming each other within a defined area of
protection. Additional features include a sleek, compact design, easy installation
thanks to an automatic walk test and flashlight walk test, a cold temperature alert
option with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services compatibility and much more.

Motion Detectors
The 5800PIR Series pack some big benefits into a sleek, compact design—including
easy, flexible programming, fewer service calls, reduced false alarms and more.
Features include compatibility with Honeywell Total Connect
Remote Services for
alerts when temperatures fall below 45°F (7.22°C), an automatic walk test, the ability
to turn on the walk test mode with a flashlight, housings that can be custom-painted
to match any décor, remotely programmable pet immunity (between 80 lbs. or 0 lbs.),
(36.29kg or 0kg), the ability to operate in temperatures as low as -4°F/-20°C, longer
range patterns for commercial installations and much more.*
* Availability of features depend upon the version of PIR selected. Models include the 5800PIR, the 5800PIR-RES and the
5800PIR-COM. Consult data sheets for details.

Detectors 5

Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector
Honeywell’s 5808W3 Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector with a built-in wireless transmitter

has been enhanced with exciting features to help reduce false alarms and increase profits, including:
• Smoothing algorithms that smooth out short-term spikes
from dust and smoke
• The ability to eliminate emergency service calls with
Smart Check, which sends a signal to the control panel
when the detector requires cleaning–allowing a regular,
non-emergency service call to clean the detector before
it goes into alarm
• Low temperature alerts
• One 3V lithium battery for longer battery life and easier
• Improved RF signal for larger commercial installations and
increased overall sales
• Additional green LED status indicator for added security and
monitoring convenience
• Reduced testing time, thanks to the handheld SENS-RDR
Infrared Sensitivity Reader, which eliminates the need for
magnets, voltmeters and ladders
Also available:
5806W3 Wireless Smoke Detector
and 5809 Wireless Heat Detector.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes.
With Honeywell’s
5800CO Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector, you can provide your customers with the very best
defense against this deadly threat. It connects to the end-user’s security system and can be monitored
24 hours a day, seven days a week. The detector features state-of-the-art sensing technology to help
prevent false alarms and a wireless design that makes installation a snap. What’s more, it’s an

excellent upsell opportunity and a great way to differentiate yourself by adding value and life safety

to your installations.
Smarter, Intuitive, Reliable Detection—
New Two-in-One Device
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
The 5800COMBO is a professionally installed and monitored,

multi-criteria smoke and carbon monoxide detector for homes.

It contains a built-in transmiter that enables central station alarm
monitoring of dangerous smoke and CO gas, as well as maintenance
supervision. The 5800COMBO also includes voice annunciation,
visual alerts and temperature reporting clusters.
• Reacts faster to real danger and reduces
false alarms
• Reduces the need to sell and install two
separate detectors—saving both you

and your customers money
• Crystal clear, multi-lingual voice
annunciation and feedback helps
occupant clearly distinguish between
alarms and other maintenance sounds
• User-replaceable batteries save time

and maximize efficiency
• Clear visual notification of alarm

conditions with 360º viewable side LEDs
- Red: Smoke
- Blue: CO 5870API

Indoor Asset Sensor
Until now, many
dealers have had
to walk away from
protecting assets
within a home or
business—even when asked—due

to the high costs, complexity and

labor involved.
Honeywell’s 5870API changes all of that.

The device easily affixes to virtually any
valuable requiring protection within a
home or business, including paintings,

flat screen TVs and other electronics, family
heirlooms, safes, office equipment and
more. It lets you offer an additional layer of
protection that can be programmed

to always be on—even when the panel

is disarmed.
The 5870API is an excellent way to provide
your customers with a unique solution to
a problem most dealers overlook...theft.
Remember, theft is different from burglary
because it occurs without a break-in and
the offender has a legal right to be on the
premises. With the 5870API, you’ll actually
protect against burglary and theft at the
same time.

Glassbreak Detector
Honeywell’s 5853 offers a wireless
solution to protect all
types of glass.
Installers rely on
FlexGuard as a first line of defense, because it
keeps intruders where they belong...outside.

You’ll provide your customers with the highest

level of security possible–without any labor and

installation headaches or costly service calls.

Shock Sensor
This compact, versatile detector
mounts directly on the glass

surface and offers excellent protection for
all glass types—including plate, tempered,
laminated and wired.
It provides outstanding

false alarm immunity, especially in problem

areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s ideal for hard to reach areas like skylights.

Shock Sensor Combo
The 5819S combination
magnetic contact and shock
sensor provides two types of protection in
one product—open and closed conditions of
doors and windows, and with built-in shock
Honeywell’s 5821 and
5800FLOOD sensors are
versatile wireless devices
that can be configured to operate as
either standalone temperature sensors
and/or remote temperature sensors,
or flood detectors. The 5800FLOOD,
with its new ‘sensor float’ technology
requires no probe and installs quickly
and easily, with a water detection time
of under 22 seconds. Both are ideally
suited for a wide range of applications
including bathrooms, laundry rooms
and basements.
Glassbreaks and


sensing technology, it can detect abrupt,
forcible attempts at entry
. Four simple
settings make setup a snap and an
omnidirectional shock sensor provides
maximum versatility when mounting
around door and window frames. 7

Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor
• Provides superior protection for pool areas,
rooftops, exits, entrances, car lots, cellular

sites and more
• Easy installation—no trenching, excavating

or subcontracting
• Weather-proof (IP54 rated) and water-resistant
housing with a temperature range of -4°F to 122°F,
(-20°C to 50°C)
• Range adjustable up to 40 feet (12.192 meters)
with a 90° adjustable pattern
• Provides false alarm immunity to pets, small
animals and other outdoor disturbances
• Dual passive infrared design—both PIRs must be
tripped to declare an alarm
• Compatible with Honeywell Total Connect
Services, VISTA
and LYNX controls

Outdoor Wireless Contact
• Ideal for gates, fences, barns, sheds, outdoor equipment

and valuables
• Easy installation with a wide gap of 1.75" (4.445cm),
on steel
• Operates in temperatures from -40°F to 150°F

(-40°C to + 66°C), (100% RH)

Weather-proof (NEMA 4X rated) and water-resistant housing
• Can be custom-painted to match mounting surface
• Long-life AA lithium batteries that your customers can

change themselves
• Compatible with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services,
VISTA and LYNX controls
Wireless Outdoor

An integral part of our connected residential and commercial solutions,
Honeywell’s robust, all-
weather wireless outdoor contacts and sensors keep your customers aware of what’s going on
around the exterior of their homes and businesses while creating a safer environment.

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