Honeywell 5800CO Top Ten Reasons

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Honeywell 5800CO - Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Honeywell 5800CO
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: $91.99

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Top Reasons You Benefit from Choosing Honeywell’s 5800CO

Solves a Real Problem According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, carbon monoxide is
the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. With the 5800CO you can offer a life safety detector that, quite simply, saves lives. You can now be part of the solution!

Monitored vs. Non-Monitored When the 5800CO detector is monitored by a central station, it provides the extra Carbon Monoxide Detectors protection and peace of mind that ordinary carbon monoxide detectors can’t.
Monitored carbon monoxide detectors can transmit alarm, trouble, end-of-life, tamper and low battery conditions. Their true value is realized when: • Residents are at home sleeping • Pets, children and the elderly are alone • Residents are already suffering from the effects of CO poisoning • The home is empty • The detector’s circuitry ceases to function properly

It’s the Law! An increasing number of states and municipalities are mandating the installation of
carbon monoxide detectors. The installation of carbon monoxide detectors is changing from a recommended practice to an installation standard. In fact, the carbon monoxide detector market is one of the fastest growing in life safety.

Increased Sales and The 5800CO is an excellent way to increase sales and a great opportunity for RMR by Recurring Monthly Revenue providing carbon monoxide detection to your customers. (RMR) Provide Seamless Protection The 5800CO is specifically designed for Honeywell’s 5800 Series systems operation.
It has wireless supervision features that provide added protection, regardless of whether residents are away from home, sleeping or already suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

New Technology Increases Electrochemical CO detectors are the newest, most refined models available. They can Performance and Decreases take readings from low levels that may be hazardous over long periods of time to high False Alarms concentrations that present an immediate danger. Field-Proven Performance The 5800CO is the newest member to join the 5800 wireless family. The 5800CO, like
all of Honeywell’s wireless devices, features exceptional range, terrific battery life and field-proven reliability.


Top Reasons You Benefit from Choosing Honeywell’s 5800CO (continued)

Efficient Installations Wireless design greatly reduces installation time and maximizes placement options.
The 5800CO offers the advantage of a wireless solution, which helps you reduce installation costs and increase profit margins by eliminating the need to run wire and drill holes.

No Maintenance Should anything go wrong with the detector, the central station can alert the end-user.
The 5800CO is fully supervised and will monitor for alarm, trouble, end-of-life, tamper and low battery conditions.

5800CO Features

Electrochemical sensor measures CO with the highest level of accuracy.

Local sounder (85 dB @10 feet)

Test/Hush button

Dual LEDs easily differentiate between normal, trouble and alarm conditions.


5800CO Features (continued)

Plastic cover protects circuitry from damage and static shock during and after installation.

Long life 3V lithium battery. Replacement date clearly marked inside unit.

A sturdy mounting base allows the detector to be flushmounted to walls, to smooth and uneven ceilings (i.e. stucco). The Stop-Drop N'Lock feature simplifies the detectors installation and removal with one rotation.

Tamper Protection and Tamper Resistant Element.