Honeywell 5821 Flood Testing

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Honeywell 5821 - Wireless Temperature Sensor and Water Sensor (Exterior)
Honeywell 5821
Wireless Temperature Sensor and Water Sensor
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Created on 09/19/05

How to Simulate Water Detection with the 5821
A metal short is not the same as a water short. To simulate a water short, a 10K resistor can be placed across the water probe circuit with the 2.2M ohm resistor in parallel producing close to a 10K resistance. The 10K resistance has to be in place for approximately 3 minutes before the transmitter sends the fault. Before the transmitter will send a restore on the zone, it has to see the 2.2M ohm resistance, again, for approximately 3 minutes. This configuration can also provide a way to integrate a hard wired water probe if the probe circuit has to be longer than 48 inches. The hard wired probe would have to close its own relay per a water trip. This relay would have to be wired in series with the two 5K resistors (both in series to be 10K). The relay and both resistors would then be in parallel with the 2.2M resistor. When the relay closes, the 5821 would see the 10K and 2.2M resistors in parallel, thus having approx 10K to trip the 5821. The two 5K resistors would help prevent any ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) that could occur, as long as they are near the 2.2M resistor.


2.2M ohm


    


5K ohm

5K ohm

Hard wire water sensor with N.O. relay