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Honeywell 5870API - Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor
Honeywell 5870API
Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor
List Price: $158.00
Our Price: $104.99

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Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors

An Asset to Your Security System

Make the Smart Move… Protect Your Business from Theft
Assets such as expensive merchandise, office equipment, paintings, electronics and other valuables are attractive targets for ambitious thieves. Now, Honeywell’s state-of-the-art Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors make it easier than ever to safeguard your possessions from theft.
Guard Against Theft
Although you probably know that security systems are effective in protecting your business, you may not know about the critical role “movement-based” theft prevention sensors can play in securing your facility. Theft is different from burglary because it occurs without a break-in and the offender has a right to be on the premises (e.g. customers, employees, cleaning crews, etc.).

Enhanced Protection and Awareness
Honeywell’s Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors work with your security system to protect your valuables even if your alarm panel is disarmed (e.g., in areas requiring free-flowing human traffic such as museums, schools or lecture halls). Theft prevention is a critical component to any commercial alarm system—helping to protect your investment while enhancing the burglary protection already in place. The discreet sensors affix easily to any valuable requiring protection. They can be programmed to notify security guards, select personnel or anyone you specify with a chime at the keypad or a call from the central station if an attempt is made to move or disturb the protected object. The wireless sensors are ideal for: • Museums and galleries • Jewelry stores • Offices • High-risk retail (gun or pawn shops, etc.) • Computer labs • Antique shops • Hotels • Schools • Indoor construction sites

Get Connected!
You can opt to combine the wireless sensors with Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services, which let you utilize the Internet and various mobile devices to receive updates about activity in and around your business, from any remote location. It’s the best way to stay protected…and connected.

• If a protected asset is moved, you can receive e-mail alerts and notification via your PC, laptop, mobile phone, BlackBerry® wireless handheld devices, Android , iPad® or iPhone®

Make the Smart Move
Honeywell’s Wireless Theft Prevention Sensors are an excellent complement to your existing security system—protecting your valuables and providing you with a higher level of awareness and the peace of mind you deserve. Make the smart move and ask your security professional for details today!

• Get the information you need instantly so you can decide what action to take • The system can be customized to trigger an alarm in several ways, including sending a message, recording from a video camera or chiming a keypad

For more information: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell Security & Communications 2 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 100 P.O. Box 9040 Melville, NY 11747 1.800.467.5875

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