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Honeywell 5870API - Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor
Honeywell 5870API
Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor
List Price: $158.00
Our Price: $104.99

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Wireless Asset Protection Sensor


Smart Move

Make the Smart Move…
Add Asset Protection to All of Your Installations

Thanks to Honeywell’s 5870API Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor, being in the asset protection business is now as easy as adding a contact! You’ll find the unique, breakthrough product to be an excellent way to win new business, reduce attrition and add more content per sale by providing your customers with a unique solution to a problem most dealers overlook…theft.


It’s a Steal
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one in ten homes experiences theft each year*. Remember, theft is different from burglary because it occurs without a break-in and the offender has a legal right to be on the premises (e.g., maids, nannies, contractors, delivery people and others). Today, it’s more important than ever to provide consumers with a solution designed to specifically guard against theft while enhancing the burglary protection already in place. That’s where we come in.

Added Layer of Protection
Honeywell’s 5870API affixes to virtually any valuable requiring protection within a home or business, including paintings, flat screen TVs and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes, machinery, office equipment and more. This state-of-the-art device lets you offer an additional layer of protection that is always on—even when the panel is disarmed! You’ll actually protect against burglary and theft at the same time. Museums
*FBI statistics for 2007.

State-of-the-Art Solution
Until now, many dealers have had to walk away from protecting assets within a home or business—even when asked—due to the high costs, complexity and labor involved. The 5870API is a state-of-the-art solution that changes all of that. If you can install a 5800 Series wireless sensor, you’re in business!

How it Works
The 5870API uses an accelerometer (the same technology used in automobiles to detect impact and deploy air bags) to recognize movement. When affixed to the protected asset, the device triggers a “detect” if an attempt is made to move or disturb the asset.

Quick and Easy Installation
Simply pull the battery tab to enroll the transmitter, peel the adhesive backing tape and secure the 5870API to the asset. It’s that simple. Two attractive housings in your choice of white or dark gray are available to blend with the asset and décor.



Out of Sight
The device is designed to be mounted in an inconspicuous place on the asset away from public view.

Three Sensors in One
The 5870API offers you the ability to choose from one of three modes of operation—offering versatility in programming while reducing inventory.

External View
Asset movement of 1-3 seconds

High Security (e.g. valuable painting or work of art)

Antenna located in front cover to maximize range Asset movement of 5-8 seconds

Standard Security (e.g. flat screen TV)

White and dark gray versions blend with any asset Asset component opens > 30˚

Tilt Mode (e.g. petty cash box)

Hotel Lobbies

Computer Labs


Antique Shops

Adhesive tape mounts on a variety of surfaces/assets

Tamper Switch (both front case and rear tamper) using innovative design

Internal View
Battery clips with reverse battery protection

CR2 battery with up to three year battery life

High Risk Retail

Tamper Switch (both front case and rear tamper) PCB with MEMS accelerometer chip Indoor Construction Sites


Priceless Opportunity
• Excellent upsell opportunity that offers you the ability to offer asset protection on residential and commercial installations Although your customers probably know that security systems are effective in preventing burglary, they may not know about asset detectors and the critical role they play in safeguarding their valuables. In a recent survey*, it was found that a top reason given for owning/purchasing a security system was that consumers were very concerned with protecting their possessions. What’s more, they’re willing to pay for that protection. • A great way to reduce attrition by offering your customers one more reason to see value in their security systems and remain with your company By selling the concept of motion-based asset detection, you can offer your customers protection of their valuables in a way no traditional security system has done before... letting you capture new markets and attract new customers.

Alarm Verification
• 5800 Series wireless design saves installation time, labor and costs Many jurisdictions are now requiring alarm verification before the authorities are sent to the protected premise. Asset protection can fulfill the requirement of two events or two sensors being activated, reducing false dispatches and saving fines for your customer. • Ideal for environments where the use of a constantly armed panel is impractical—such as colleges, hotels, labs and any areas requiring free-flowing human traffic

The control panel can be programmed to do a number of things once the 5870API senses movement, including sounding a chime, contacting the central station or notifying end-users directly when using Honeywell’s Total Connect remote services.

• System can be programmed to send alarm signals to central stations

• Potential for greater RMR when used with Total Connect remote services

• Fully supervised to monitor for low battery, tamper and trouble conditions

*Research International/Honeywell, 2008.

Stamp Collections

Connect to Opportunity!
When combining the 5870API with Total Connect—the groundbreaking digital communications services that let your customers utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones and more to stay connected to their homes and businesses—you’ll have an excellent opportunity to increase RMR as well as great new way to enhance your customers’ awareness and keep them in the know. • If a protected asset is moved, your customers can receive e-mail alerts and notification via their PCs and laptops, cell phones, BlackBerrys, PDAs and other mobile devices • Total Connect arms them with the information they need instantly, letting them decide what action to take • The 5870API can trigger an event in several ways, including sending a message, recording from a camera or chiming a keypad to alert a security guard

Protect Valuables and Add Value to Your Installations
By specifically focusing on theft prevention, the 5870API offers you a whole new way to sell security. Once you provide your customers with a unique new way to protect their assets, you’ll add value to each and every installation and differentiate yourself from the competition. The opportunities for growth are endless! Are you ready to steal a share of the marketplace? It’s your move.

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