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The FG1625RFM Glassbreak Detector uses field proven FlexGuard® technology to provide faster response and increased false alarm immunity. The FG1625RFM is specifically designed to allow a fast, easy installation, while

the adjustable sensitivity settings can compensate for the acoustics of any room. Optimum operation can be quickly verified using the FG701 Glassbreak Simulator.

• FlexCore™ Signal Processor The FlexCore Signal Processor is an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), which processes sound data in parallel rather than sequentially for faster, more accurate detection decisions. The combination of proven FlexGuard® performance with the speed of FlexCore processing provides unmatched false alarm immunity without compromising detection. • Easy Installation and Setup Honeywell’s patented technology allows remote activation of Test Mode (with simulator). The FG1625RFM recesses in a 1.0" (26mm) diameter hole through a false ceiling or sheetrock. A hand-clap feature verifies that the detector is functioning. • Selectable Sensitivity Two DIP switches on the FG1625RFM make it easy to set the sensitivity to match the acoustics of the room. Four different sensitivity levels are available, ranging from very low to high. The range can then be verified remotely with the FlexGuard FG701 Glassbreak Simulator. • Mount the Detector Anywhere Flush mounts in any wall, or in the ceiling, with no minimum range and a maximum range of 25' (7.6 m) to the glass. • Covers All Glass Types The FG1625RFM works on all glass types, including plate, tempered, laminated, wired, filmcoated, and sealed insulating glass. • Multiple Domain Signal Analysis The FG1625RFM performs Multiple Domain Signal Analysis in which time, frequency and amplitude characteristics are evaluated for signal qualification. This enables the detector to accurately discriminate false alarms from true glassbreak events. • Patented Remote Test Mode The Patented Remote Test Mode can enable or disable the indicator LEDs using the FG701 Glassbreak Simulator. The unit automatically resets from Test Mode in five minutes. • Mounting Locations The FG1625RFM can be flush mounted in the ceiling, opposite wall, adjoining wall, or the same wall as the glass through a 1" diameter hole.


• Physical Dimensions: - Small Front Cover: 1.8" (45mm) diameter - Large Front Cover: 2.5" (63.5mm) diameter - Wall Sleeve: For installation in 1.0" (25mm) hole. Maximum depth, without wire 2.6" (66mm) • Weight: - Product Only: 0.96 oz (27.2g) Pkgd Product: 1.90 oz (54g) • Range: - 25' (7.6 m) maximum, omnidirectional. Range is adjustable; no minimum range • Alarm Relay: - FG-1625: Form A, 90mA max, • Operating Temperature: - 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C) - Storage: -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C) • Glass Type/Thickness:
Plate 3a Tempered Laminated Wired Coated 2,3b Sealed Insulating 1,3b

a. Plate glass 3mm to 10mm can be used. b. ULC recognizes a maximum range for protecting sealed insulated glass and coated glass of 12.5 ft. (3.8 m) Note: The FG-1608 detects the shattering of framed glass by direct impact. It may not consistently detect breakage by blows that only crack the glass, by high velocity projectiles such as bullets, or glass broken without impact. • Accessories/Description: - FG701 P/N 0-000-701-0 Glassbreak Simulator • FlexGuard® Glassbreak Simulator/Tester: - The sound of breaking glass is digitally simulated by the FG701. The FG701 is compatible for testing all Honeywell brand glassbreak detectors. Honeywell highly recommends testing glassbreak detectors before final installation.



2.4 mm (3/32") 10 mm (3/8") 3 mm (1/8") 10 mm (3/8") 3 mm (1/8") 14 mm (9/16") 6 mm (1/4") 6 mm (1/4") 3 mm (1/8") 6.4 mm (1/4") 3 mm (1/8") 6 mm (1/4") (Maximum overall 7/16")

Minimum size for all types is 28 cm (11") square; glass must be framed in the wall or mounted in a barrier at least 0.9 m (36") wide. 1. Protected only if both plates of the unit are broken. 2. Coated glass with security films, including films for solar protection, up to 12 mil. thick may be used. Film Technologies International, Inc.’s GLASS-GARD® GGLL 1200 has been evaluated with this product by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. at the request of Honeywell. 3. In compliance with Underwriters Laboratories of Canada’s Standard for Intrusion Detection Units (CAN/ULC-S306-M89):

16VDC max
• Alarm Duration: - Five seconds (unaffected by alarm LED latching) • ESD Immunity: - 10kV discharges of either polarity to exposed surfaces • Power Requirements: - 8 - 16VDC, 5mA typical at 12VDC; 12mA max (Latched LED) - AC ripple: 4V peak to peak at the normal 12VDC - RFI Immunity 30V/m, 10 MHz -1000 MHz

FG1625RFM FG701 Round Flush Mount Glassbreak Detector Glassbreak Simulator

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