Honeywell Flexguard Glass Break Installation Tips

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FlexGuard Glassbreak Detector Installation Do’s and Don'ts
Install the detector within 25ft of the protected glass Install the detector opposite or … adjacent to the protected glass Mount the detector on walls or ceilings Mount the detector with the … … micro-phone opening facing the protected glass for ceiling … installations Use the FG701 tester to insure accurate range Position the FG701 tester at the …furthest point of the protected … glass during testing Begin testing with sensitivity set to low, and increase only as … required
See reverse side for additional tips

Do not install the detector on .free standing posts or pillars Do not install with large objects .(such as plants or furniture) .between the protected glass .and the detector Do not install the detector in . . .noisy environments (air . . . .compressors, power tools), if this equipment may be . . .operated when the detector is armed Do not install the detector .where the path to the glass . .area is obstructed by partitions .or is around corners

Some helpful tips….
Note: The FG701 is the only calibrated simulator/tester available. This means accurate range verification every time.

Optimum Wall mounting locations

Optimum Ceiling mounting locations

You may test the detector and verify range in the desired mounting location prior to drilling or wiring. Simply apply any 9 volt battery.

Always start on the lowest sensitivity setting when testing the range of the detector… increase sensitivity only if required