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LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel
L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System
LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel
L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Home Security System

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Introducing Honeywell’s new LYNX Touch...a brilliant way to light up your sales.
The dazzling, full-color touchscreen and intuitive graphic icons aren’t the only things that are brilliant about Honeywell’s LYNX Touch. The industry’s sleekest, coolest self-contained control can help you win more business by offering today’s consumers what they really want…information and control at their fingertips. The large, easy-to-read display makes operation, installation and programming a snap. You’ll spend less time training end-users as well as new and experienced installers. LYNX Touch is great for new installs and upgrades—letting you provide next-generation interactive security as well as RMR-generating services like Total Connect and two-way voice over GSM. Best of all, you’ll have the power and stability of Honeywell behind you. What could be more brilliant than that? Incredibly innovative. Surprisingly simple. LYNX Touch.

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