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LYNX Touch


The innovation of Honeywell. The simplicity of touch.

LYNX Touch.
We took our most popular security system and brought it to life with a brilliant, full-color touchscreen that’s so intuitive you can operate it right out of the box!

Incredibly innovative.

LYNX Touch does it all. The lifestyle-enhancing touchscreen puts information and control at your fingertips, protects your property and possessions, lets you operate your security system on the go—it can even keep you connected to your family and home whether you’re across the street or across the world. No other system can touch it!

Security Meets Style
The sleek, attractive LYNX Touch features a crystal clear, full-color touchscreen that makes security system operation easier than ever— with graphics and menu-driven prompts guiding you every step of the way. It matches any décor and looks great whether placed on a wall or tabletop. Security has never been this simple—or this stylish.


Surprisingly simple.

Easy to Read
The icons and words are large, clear and easy to read—making it great for family members of all ages.

Always in Touch
Ideal for busy households, the Family Message Center lets everyone record and playback voice messages for one another. LYNX Touch can also be used as a convenient, hands-free speakerphone.

Full Voice Response
For an added level of security, system status and zone descriptions are announced in clear, spoken English.


Get Connected!
You can opt to combine LYNX Touch with Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services for a level of awareness, control and peace of mind that is unmatched! It lets you access and operate your security system remotely from anywhere in the world when using your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android™, BlackBerry® or other wireless handheld device. Intuitive prompts and vivid icons are easy to read, easy to understand and make operation a snap. It’s also a great way to stay connected to your home and family whenever you want, wherever you are.*
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You can also:
• Know when your children arrive home from school or if they haven’t by a certain time • Know if leaks or floods have been detected in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or basements • Receive alerts for extreme temperatures, which may help indicate a power failure or problems with furnaces or air conditioners • Find out if off-limits areas like medicine, liquor or gun cabinets have been accessed • Keep an eye on your children, babysitters and elderly loved ones • Check up on your pets • Find out when motion is sensed in outdoor areas like pools, patios or driveways, or when outdoor surfaces like gates or fences are disturbed • Protect indoor valuables like flat screen televisions, heirlooms and antiques from theft by receiving an alert if they have been moved • View live video on up to six cameras at a time and have video clips or pictures e-mailed to you upon an event

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*Free apps available. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app available at Apple’s iTunes® App StoreSM. Android app available at the Google Play Store. Honeywell Total Connect™ subscribers can download the BlackBerry app visiting the BlackBerry World App Store. Requires Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Apple®, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.


Fully-Featured System

Whole-House Protection Honeywell’s wireless security products are an excellent complement to LYNX Touch— providing you with a higher level of convenience, peace of mind and the complete, whole-house protection you deserve. Their rock-solid stability and long battery life make them a popular choice among homeowners and security dealers alike. They give installers the flexibility they need to overcome obstacles like brick walls, cement floors, decorative moldings and cathedral ceilings—resulting in faster, cleaner installations and preserving the beauty of your home while protecting it. Honeywell has wireless devices to suit any lifestyle, budget and décor. See the back of this brochure for some of our most popular options!

Picture Perfect
LYNX is the picture of style with your choice of vivid screensavers.

Four Dedicated Function Keys
The four dedicated keys are great for frequently used functions.


Advanced Central Station Communications
LYNX Touch offers a built-in radio option to help make sure that alarm signals get through to the central station whether you’re a mobile phone-only residence, have VoIP phone service or rely on a traditional landline.

24/7 Monitoring
You and your family can enjoy peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week by having your security system monitored by a central station. These highly trained home security professionals are always standing by, ready to send help to your home in the event of a fire, burglary or other emergency.

Stay On Schedule and Informed
The “Follow Me” feature can actually keep you on schedule and in the know wherever you are by calling and alerting you to alarms and remind you of important events and appointments.

*Excluding fire or carbon monoxide alarm conditions. Ask your security professional for more information.

Two-Way Voice
When an alarm signal is received, the optional twoway voice feature lets central station operators listen in and talk to you or anyone else on the premises*—assuring you that the proper response personnel will be dispatched at a moment’s notice should the need arise.


Exciting Options at Your Fingertips

Wireless smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are connected to your alarm system and can be monitored 24/7.

Wireless theft prevention sensors can be easily affixed to any valuable in your home, and alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb the object.

Wireless keypads are a great complement to LYNX Touch, offering portable protection that can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. They can also talk to you, announcing system status in clear, spoken English.

Protect doors, open areas and windows with contacts, motion sensors and glassbreak detectors. There are even compact, stylish motion detectors that can be custom-painted to match any décor!

Designed for easy, trouble-free use, Honeywell’s stylish, compact wireless keys let you control your security system with push-button ease.

Energy Management: Ask your security dealer about thermostat setback and basic lighting control.
For more information: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell Security Products Americas 2 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 100 P.O. Box 9040 Melville, NY 11747 1.800.467.5875
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