Honeywell L5100 Garage Door Control

The 5877 needs to be wired into the garage door controller. Normally, you run the wires in parallel to your existing garage door opener button.
will the 5877 open the garage door wirelessly or does it have to be connected to the garage door panel?
You should still be able to use the fob to control the 5877 if you'd like another way to activate the relay. I would give it a try and let us know if you need help.
Well got my rear garage door working. I am pleased to see the tilt sensor works with the relay. I was not sure how it would work. I may get another one for my other door as well. QUESTION---Since the relay is enrolled or learned and in use with tilt sensor can I still assign a keyfob button to it as an extra garage door opener? Or is it Either or? Hope this makes sense
We have not tested that product so I am not sure. You can certainly try and include it and see if it learns in as a switch.
Will the device as below work with the Honeywell L5100? Thanks Evolve LFM-20 Fixture Module
Hi Johnny, we do plan to do a video but I'm not sure when it will be posted. To hook up the 5877 relay to your garage door controller, you simply wire it in parallel with your existing garage door button. The wires should be landed to NO and C on the 5877 and then landed on the same terminals the button is connected to.
Mr. Sterling Donnelly. Are you able to do a video on how to program the garage. And show me how to hook up the 5877 relay into the garage panel? This diagram right here looks somewhat confusing. Oh I am referring to my L5100. Thx. -Johnny
I don't believe the rev 6 panels were out in May.
Thanks. I received mine 5/23/13. Do you happen to know when Rev 6 was released? I appreciate the response. If I can't get him, or he can't get Honeywell to upgrade it for free, then I will order one from you.
The new L5100 versions were out this summer so your seller just didn't get you the newest version or you happened to have purchased right before the new versions were released. The WIFI and ZWAVE modules will work, you just need to replace the control panel.
That's what I was afraid of. Unbelievable that it's obsolete in less than 6 months. They have to have a way to flash the firmware or swap a chip, but they don't want people doing it I'm sure. Would the old wifi and zwave module still work?
Unfortunately John, you would need to purchase a new L5100 if you wanted to use the garage door control feature. There is no firmware upgrade available for this feature.
So if I have a L5100 that was purchased back in June, I believe it is a previous rev (5?). Is there a way to use this garage interface 5877GDPK? Can the firmware be upgraded to Rev 6?

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Step-By-Step How to learn the 5877 relay board into the L5100 for Garage Door control
The L5100 (Rev 6+) provides the ability to add Garage Door Control on 3 zones (46, 47, and 48) via 5877 Relay modules. This provides Open/Close control from the panel or from Total Connect20 in conjunction with Garage door Status Monitoring and/or Intrusion Detection. The first step in this process is to program in the transmitters used to detect the status of the Garage Door, ie: 5816, 5822T, etc. See Step-by-Step entitled “Garage Door Zone Programming” for assistance with this step.

Learning in the 5877 into the L5100 (Must be done locally, it cannot be done
through compass) Note: Ensure that the 5877 Relay Receiver is in close proximity to the L5100 while it is being enrolled. After the device has been enrolled it can be mounted in its permanent position but should be tested to make sure that it receives the Relay control signals from the L5100 1. Verify a Garage door Zone is programmed in either zone 46, 47, or 48. 2. At the Dashboard screen select the “Automation” icon.

3. Press the down arrow on the right side of the “Automation Screen”, then press the “Garage Door Setup” icon.


Updated: 4/4/13

4. Select the Garage door, to be enrolled, from the displayed list. The Garage Door Icon will show if the Garage Zone has been programmed: Garage Door 1 = Zn 46 Garage Door 2 = Zn 47 Garage Door 3 = Zn 48

5. Press “Assign device”.

6. The control advances to the Garage Door operation screen. Press “Enter Serial Number”; enter the 7-digit serial number associated with the 5877 Relay that will control this Garage Door. - If the 5877 being used does not have a serial number you can create one to associate the 5877 relay module. The Serial Number must be a total of seven digits in length, example 1122334. - Next press “Done”.


Updated: 4/4/13

7. Next we Learn that Serial number into the 5877. - At the 5877 press the Program button, then press the “Learn” button on the L5100. - Listen for a click at the relay to confirm the 5877 has learned the Serial number from the L5100.

8. Select the “” button to return to the Automation screen. Now the 5877 is learned in and you can mount the device near the garage door control. 9. Test the 5877 for proper operation after mounting. From the home screen press “Automation”, next press “Garages” and select the Garage Door you want to test, next press the “Press to open” icon from the Garage Door Operations page. The Relay should throw and operate the door.


Updated: 4/4/13

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Updated: 4/4/13