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V-Plex® Polling-Loop Technology


Scalable Solutions to Meet the Demands of Your Growing Business

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Enjoy More Complete Protection with Honeywell’s Unique V-Plex Polling-Loop Technology
Honeywell’s state-of-the-art V-Plex family of products make it easier than ever for you to enhance your alarm system and provide your business with a more complete security solution. The unique two-wire polling loop technology lets you easily add more points of protection—including glassbreak detectors, motion sensors and contacts—while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

V-Plex gives you the ability to:
• Provide a scalable solution that doesn’t require the amount of power consumption typically needed for systems this robust. • Tailor a system to your exact needs and add extra points of protection at any time to meet the demands of your growing business.

VSI V-Plex Short Loop Isolator
Honeywell’s VSI actually isolates and pinpoints the exact location of the faulty area—allowing the working parts of the system to continue to provide protection while avoiding trouble closings. It arms you with the information you need—letting you decide whether or when you need to respond to a system event.
• Isolates burglary devices from fire devices—enhancing life safety and protection • Advanced technology minimizes disruption to your business • Provides point identification to central monitoring stations to reduce false alarms • Constantly monitors the status of connected devices to prevent costly, false alarm-driven service calls at inopportune times • Provides easy, versatile system expansion

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How it Works
V-Plex patented global polling loop technology provides fast response to alarm and trouble conditions.
V-Plex technology provides point ID to quickly and clearly pinpoint the source of an alarm or trouble and communicate the exact information to the proper authorities.

VistaKey is an ideal way to incorporate just the right combination of security and access control. It can be easily added to your VISTA® commercial security system.

V-Plex sensors operate on low current, greatly simplifying system design. Honeywell’s state-of-the-art Touchscreen Keypad (on ECP bus) provides easy, centralized fingertip control for a variety of daily tasks. NOTE: The above rendering is for illustrative purposes only.

In Touch With the Needs of Your Business
Make the most of your system with Honeywell’s Touchscreen Keypad—the industry’s most advanced user interface. The vibrant, full-color touchscreen keypad features icons and menu-driven prompts that make operation simple—reducing false alarms and training time. It also provides you with vital, operational details with a simple press on the touchscreen. You can even customize the display with a photo of your business or company logo.

Expand Your Protection with Expansion Devices
Honeywell’s 4297 Isolation/Extender Module lets your security installer group selected protection zones on one loop—preventing the potential failure of one area of protection from compromising the integrity of another. It also saves you money by letting your installer extend system-wide wiring capability without the added expense of additional hardware or control panels. For even more flexibility, the 4293SN makes any hardwired contact device V-Plex ready!

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Your Key to Better Business Management
Honeywell’s VistaKey access control system actually helps you run your business more safely, efficiently and profitably!
• Enables access control with a single swipe • Saves money on lockset replacement every time an employee leaves your organization • Tracks time and attendance • Protects valuable assets by restricting access to specified areas like stockrooms, offices, vaults and safes, computer closets and more • Controls and/or restricts personnel and visitor traffic • Restricts access based on job function, time or location • Maximizes security investments by seamlessly blending access control, intrusion and fire detection into one system

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