DSC PG9913 Product Manuals

DSC PowerG - Technical Data Sheet
The DSC PowerG Technical Data Sheet provides information and specifications regarding PowerG Sensors. This document explains PowerG Technology, the process for enrolling PowerG Sensors with an IQ Panel 2 Plus, Testing PowerG Sensors and which PowerG Sensors are supported. Learn about PowerG devices.

DSC PG9913 - Installation Manual
The DSC PG9913 Installation Manual Shows users how to get started with their DSC PG9913 PowerG Carbon Monoxide Detector. The guide includes instructions for inserting the battery, enrolling to the panel, mounting the device and performing a test. Monitor your property for CO gas with the DSC PG9913.

DSC PowerG - Technology Overview Dated 08.15.18
The DSC PowerG Technology Overview details the technical aspects of the exciting new PowerG Sensor technology. The key features include the frequency-hopping signals, the 2k feet open-air range and the advanced AES encryption protection. Discover the amazing world of PowerG Sensor Technology by DSC.