DSC WT5500 Product Manuals

DSC WT5500 - Data Sheet
The DSC WT5500 Data Sheet presents information about the DSC WT5500 2-Way Wire-Free Keypad. All of the important features and specifications for the WT5500 2-Way Wireless Push-Button Keypad are listed in this helpful data sheet. Learn more about the WT5500 Keypad for the DSC Impassa and PowerSeries.

DSC WT5500 V1.4 - Install Guide
The DSC WT5500 V1.4 Install Guide shows users how to set up the DSC WT5500 2-Way Wireless Wire-Free Keypad. The push-button keypad provides a secondary access point for a DSC Impassa. It can also serve as the primary controller for a DSC PowerSeries. Follow this guide to get started with the WT5500.