Honeywell CDMA-X-TC2 Product Manuals

Resideo (Honeywell) Verizon 3G Sunset Notice
The Resideo Verizon 3G Sunset Notice informs users of when Verizon will shut down their 3G CDMA network. According to Resideo, the shutdown is scheduled for December 31, 2022. Users must upgrade their panels to LTE before this time to continue receiving alarm monitoring. Learn about the CDMA sunset.

Honeywell Cellular Antennas - Data Sheet 2018
The Honeywell Cellular Antenna Data Sheet for 2018 covers the technical specifications for the Honeywell Cellular Antennas that are available as of the end of 2018. These products include the CELL-ANTHB, the CELL-ANTSMA, the CELL-ANTU and the CELL-ANT3DB. Learn about the Honeywell Cellular Antennas.