Macurco GD-2A Product Manuals

Macurco GD-2A - Gas Detector - User Guide Dated 03/18/2015
The Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector User Guide assists users in getting started with the Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector. This helpful user guide includes installation and operation information, maintenance information, troubleshooting information and more. Find out how to use your Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector.

Macurco GD-2B & GD-2A - Gas Detector - Data Sheet Dated 2018
The Macurco Gas Detector Data Sheet provides product information for many of the combustible gas detectors manufactured by Macurco. This data sheet includes features and product information. Not all of these gas detectors are sold by Alarm Grid. Learn about Macurco Detectors with this helpful guide.