Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller - Install Guide

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’s get started. What’s in the box.
Magnetic Faceplate
Smart Sprinkler Controller
3 Screws with Anchors
Power Adapter What you’ll need.
The Rachio 3 Sprinkler Controller is designed for indoor
installation. If outdoor installation is required, you’ll need our
weather-resistant enclosure. Learn more at rachio.com/outdoors.
Wi-Fi Access
(2.4 or 5 GHz)
(Drywall Installs)
Drill and Drill Bit
(Drywall Installs)
or Tablet
Need some help? Need some help?
Check out our Help Center
Give us a call.
1 (833) 722 4463
Not sure what to do with your old controller?
We’ll recycle it for free! Visit rachio.com/recycle. Out with the old!
Test your old system to ensure everything works
properly. Photograph the wiring inside your existing
controller to reference during installation. Remove
your old controller from the wall.
Need some help?
Te s t
Controller Mark screw locations.
Use the Mounting Template at the end of this guide
to mark where you want to install your Rachio 3.
For Drywall Installation:
Drill holes at marked locations for the anchors. Use
a 3/16 inch bit to drill through the drywall, then use
a hammer to gently tap each anchor into place.
STEP 2 In with the new!
Remove the Rachio 3’s magnetic faceplate. Mount
your new controller by screwing it onto the wall
using the provided screws.
STEP 3 Mounting Template
Ensure the lower holes are level, and use a
pencil to mark the center of each hole.
Make sure your wires have enough
slack to reach the drill icon above! Tear here to detach the mounting template. While referencing the photo of your previous
wiring, insert the wires into the appropriate
terminals. Things not matching up? Visit
for tips on advanced wiring.
Connect your wires.
Common Wires
Common wires are often
labeled “C” or “Com.” You can
insert them into any of the
white “C” terminals.
Zone Wires
Zone wires correspond to your
landscape’s zones. Insert them
into the blue, numbered terminals.
STEP 4 Sensor Wires
You are able to connect up to two
rain or flow sensors to your
controller using the “S1,” “S2,” and
24VAC sensor power terminals.
For more information, visit
Master Valve
Not all systems have a master
valve. Master valve wires are often
labeled “M,” “MV,” or “Pump.” If you
have a master valve, wire it into the
dark gray “M” terminal.
24 VAC
Insert the power connector upward into the power jack
located at the bottom right of the wiring bay. Then, plug
the power adapter into the outlet. Create an account.
Find the Rachio app on the Apple App Store, on
Google Play or by visiting rachio.com/download
Once the app is installed, create your account.
STEP 5 Connect to Wi-Fi.
Open the Rachio app and
select “Add Controller.” The
app will guide you through this
Once your controller is online,
the light bar will pulse blue.
You can now replace the
magnetic faceplate.
STEP 6 Complete setup on the app.
Now that the controller is online, use the Rachio
app to customize your zones and create a schedule.
STEP 7 Congrats, you did it!
Want to learn more about what you can do with
your new Rachio 3?
Control your
system remotely.
Integrate your
smart home.
Optimize your
Visit rachio.com/more. Manual Controls
Zones can be run directly from the controller, if
needed. Use the forward and back buttons to select
a zone on the light bar, then select play.
Stop Watering
Start or Pause
Next Zone
Prev Zone