Total Connect 2.0 Integration - Total Connect Comfort WIFI Thermostats

Yes. Take a look here for more information.
Hi Sterling, Is T5 now updated to work with either the Lyric console, Total connect 2, or both (2018)?
Honeywell has been mentioning future support of TCC thermostats on android devices for quite a while. We do not have any exact release dates. However they did recently add TCC control on the web version: Now that the platform is HTML5 based you should be able to browse to the site using your Android based smartphone and control things there.
When will this capability become available for Android devices as well?
We've been getting lots of requests to add Total Connect Comfort thermostats to Total Connect 2.0 accounts for our customers with VISTA panels and no Tuxedo Touch WIFI ( ) or VAM module ( hooked up so I wanted to comment on this type of setup as we understand it's confusing. Unfortunately, Honeywell designed their back end AlarmNet system so that on a VISTA account, to add TC2 automation services, you need to enter in a valid MAC/CRC combination for a Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypad or VISTA Automation module (VAM) on the AlarmNet site to add the TC2 automation feature. As TC2 didn't originally offer integrations into other cloud based services (like the WIFI TCC/Redlink thermostats or WIFI enabled August Lock), the account setup assumed a Tux or VAM Z-Wave controller would always be used when doing automation since at the time, those devices were required for anything that TC2 automation would do. Unless Honeywell redesigns how the accounts are setup, a VISTA system using TC2 service, will need a physical Tuxedo Touch WIFI or VAM connected to the system even if the automation integration they want doesn't require the physical Z-Wave controller.
Ok Awesome, thanks for the info!!!!
The square T5 and T6 thermostats can't be integrated into Total Connect 2.0 or into the Lyric system at this time although we expect that to change at some point.
What about the Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat?
Ah, okay. The Total Connect Comfort WIFI thermostats can be integrated into Total Connect 2.0 service on iOS devices but they won't be accessible through the Lyric system itself. Only the Lyric round WIFI thermostat is accessible through the Lyric system at this time.
Which WIFI thermostat do you have?
Will the Wi-Fi thermostat show up on my lyric controller under the automation menu after it is linked to my total connect 2.0 account?
No, the integration would only show up on the iOS devices unfortunately. Honeywell is working on adding the Android integration as well though.
I understand you can only integrate the Wi-Fi thermostat using the IOS app but after its integrated will it show up in the Android app under automation?

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Document Transcript

Tech Note

TC2 Integration with Honeywell WiFi/RedLINK Thermostats
Integration Notes
 Integration requires Total Connect 2.0 iOS app version 3.10.4+
o Currently supported ONLY on the iOS app. Thermostat integration not available
on Android app or TC2 web portal.
o Limited to status and control only. Notification and Scenes not currently supported.

 Automation must be enabled on the Total Connect 2.0 account
 TC2 Integration supports Honeywell Wifi or RedLink thermostats supported
by Total Connect Comfort, which includes but is not limited to the following:

WiFi 9000- sold at ADI
WiFi VisionPRO 8000- sold at ADI
Wifi FocusPRO 6000- sold at ADI
Prestige IAQ
VisionPRO 8000 (RedLINK)
o Wireless FocusPRO (RedLINK)

 TC2 can support up to 20 WiFi/RedLINK thermostats

Integration Steps
1. Install thermostat and configure network connection
2. Go to Total Connect Comfort (TCC) website @
a. Create and validate a TCC account
b. Register thermostat by submitting the MAC and CRC when required
3. Complete the integration via TC2 iOS app version 3.10.4+ (see screenshots on page 2)
a. Login to the TC2 iOS app and go to the Automations module for the intended TC2
location (NOTE: Automation must be enabled on the TC2 account)
b. Click on the hamburger menu button at the top right of the screen
c. Find and select the option to “Add/Remove TCC Thermostat”
d. Input the TCC login credentials and click the Login button
e. Select the desired Thermostat(s) from the list (ensure a check mark appears next to
the selected thermostat) and click the Save button
f. You should get a message indicating the thermostat(s) have been added to the
g. Integration is complete and the user should see and have control of the thermostat in
the Total Connect 2.0 iOS app


Updated: 4/20/16

Tech Note
Screenshots for Integration Steps in TC2 app
Login to the TC2 iOS app and go to the Automations module

Click on the hamburger menu button and select “Add/Remove TCC Thermostat”


Updated: 4/20/16

Tech Note
Input TCC login credentials and click the Login button

Select desired thermostat(s) and click Save


Updated: 4/20/16

Tech Note
TCC thermostat has been integrated into the TC2 app


Updated: 4/20/16