VAM Firmware Updates

VAM (Vista Automation Module) is Honeywell's Z-Wave Automation Controller for the more budget conscious customer with a wired home security system such as the VISTA-20P, 21iP, and 15P.

Current Firmware: V 6.2.10

Included in this Release:
  • For non-Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services setups, added the ability to put a username and password on the local access login page to authenticate the user when utilizing web-enabled devices for an extra layer of security.
  • Reduced the number of steps needed for the initial WIFI and network connections, which reduces the time and complexity for VAM installations.
  • Added additional language support to open up new opportunities that were not available before. Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French Canadian.
  • Added EULA (End-user license agreement) so users can agree to accept any software updates pushed by Honeywell to field installed VAM units.
  • Added Z-Wave garage door and Z-Wave water shut-off valve support for additional connected home applications. For garage door control, we have tested and recommend the “Linear GD00Z Garage Door Controller”. For water shut-off control, we recommend the “FortrezZ Water Shut-off Controller”. Please check the compatibility section of the Release Notes to find all Z-Wave devices we recommend for use with the VAM.
  • Added low battery status indication for battery-powered Z-Wave thermostats and Z-Wave door locks.
  • Enhanced the syncing between the VAM and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services to alleviate potential connectivity issues.