2GIG ANT3X - 10 inch In-wall Cellular Antenna Module Reviews

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Do Not Buy! Upgrade to LTE Instead!
Submitted on 08/01/2019 Alarm Grid

We do not recommend the 2GIG ANT3X. This is because it works with older cellular networks like 3G and CDMA. It does not work with newer LTE networks. If you haven't upgraded to an LTE communicator for your 2GIG GC2 or 2GIG GC3 System yet, now is the time to do so. The 3G and CDMA networks will be discontinued in the next few years. Once that happens, your older communicator will no longer work.

The 2GIG ANT3X is an antenna designed for use with a 3G or CDMA communicator on a GC2 or GC3 System. People use antennas like this one because they do not have strong enough cellular signal for their system to communicate properly otherwise. However, many users will find that they get strong signals with LTE communicators. This is because the LTE cellular networks are more powerful and more reliable than their predecessors. In many cases, you can actually use an LTE communicator in place of a 3G or CDMA communicator and get strong enough signals so that no cellular antenna or amplifier is needed. This isn't always the case, but it's worth trying before you go out and buy an antenna that will only work with a communicator that you will need to replace in a few years anyway.

If you are currently using a 3G or CDMA communicator with your 2GIG System, then you should get an LTE communicator first and foremost. If you still need to get an antenna or amplifier, then so be it. But at least you will be "future-proofing" your system and making it compatible for alarm monitoring for the long run by going with LTE. If you decide that you still need an antenna for your LTE communicator, then the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 is great for GC2 Systems, while the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC3 is built for GC3 Systems. Alternatively, you might consider getting a cellular amplifier, as one of those modules will boost the cell signals for every compatible device in your household. We recommend the WeBoost 470101 4G LTE Cellular Amplifier for this purpose.

Bottom line, do not waste your money on a 3G antenna like the 2GIG ANT3X. Start by upgrading to LTE. If you still need an antenna or amplifier, you can get an LTE model.