2GIG PANIC1-345 - Single Button Panic Remote Reviews

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Useful Panic Button
Submitted on 09/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG PANIC1-345 is a single-button panic remote that is part of the 2GIG 345 MHz lineup. You can activate this button at any time while within range of your security system to trigger a panic alarm. Some people also use the 2GIG PANIC1-345 as a medical alert device in case they have fallen or experienced some other type of emergency. This is a basic, no-frills panic button, but it does exactly what it needs to. We give the 2GIG PANIC1-345 a 5-Star rating.

There are some key aspects we like about the 2GIG PANIC1-345. For one, it comes with sensor clip that allows it to be secured to a car visor, belt, wristband, or lanyard. The sensor is small and compact, so you should have no trouble carrying it around. You have multiple options for programming the sensor. This allows you to choose whether it serves as a police, fire, or medical panic. The sensor is water-resistant, so you are able to bring it in the bath or shower. Just keep in mind that it should not be fully submerged in liquid. An LED light on the sensor can be useful for verifying activation. We also appreciate the fact that the sensor requires you to press and hold the button for two (2) full seconds to activate. This helps prevent false alarms.

There are not many downsides for the 2GIG PANIC1-345. The battery life is somewhat short, as it can only go for about two (2) years without a replacement. Fortunately, your system should tell you when the battery is low so that you know when to replace it. One other small downside is that it can only be used with systems that support the 2GIG 345 MHz frequency. Compatible systems include the 2GIG Panels, the Honeywell Lyric Controller, and the 345 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. Of course, these downsides are relatively minor, so we still give the 2GIG PANIC1-345 a 5-Star rating.

Good: Sensor Clip, Small & Compact, Program as Needed, Water-Resistant, LED Light, False Alarm Prevention

Bad: Short Battery Life, Limited System Compatibility

Bottom Line: 5 Stars