DSC AC-101 - Acuity® Glassbreak Detector w/ Tamper Reviews

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Great Glass Break Sensor!
Submitted on 11/15/2019 Alarm Grid

The DSC AC-101 is a wired glass break sensor. It is part of the DSC Acuity lineup for hardwired glass break detectors. The device is used to monitor for broken glass events. This could be a broken window or a broken glass casing. The device works quite well, and any detractions we have about it are largely superficial. For that reason, we give it a 5 Star rating.

The best aspect of the DSC AC-101 is its advanced microprocessor. This helps the sensor actively distinguish between the sound of breaking glass and other high-pitched sounds. Our technicians have found that the sensor responds very reliably to true glass break events, while ignoring other similar sounds. We are very happy that this false alarm prevention feature was included. The device also includes an omni-directional microphone so that it can detect glass break events from any side. Another huge plus of the DSC AC-101 is the fact that it can detect the sound of breaking glass from up to 25 feet away. That is pretty far for a glass break sensor. The device also includes a tamper switch, which is good for letting the system know if someone tries to disable the device.

There are some downsides to the DSC AC-101. It is Form A, meaning that you can only use Normally Closed (NC) wiring. This is opposed to Form C wiring, where you can use either Normally Closed or Normally Open (NO) wiring. The DSC AC-101 only works with plate, float, tempered, wired, and laminated glass. If you have a different type of glass window, then the DSC AC-101 will not support it. We must also say that the design of the DSC AC-101 is quite ugly. It looks very dated and straight out of the 90s. This isn't much of a surprise considering it's a pretty old sensor from DSC. Still, it's something we wanted to mention.

The DSC AC-101 works very well, and any complaints we have are very minor. It gets 5 Stars.

Good: Advanced Microprocessor, Omni-Directional Microphone, Great Detection Range, Tamper Switch

Bad: Form A Wiring, Only Works w/ Certain Glass Types, Ugly Design

Bottom Line: 5 Stars