Bravo® 3 Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector


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The DSC BV-300DP is the version of the Bravo 3 that features digital signal processing and pet immunity for small animals up to 60 pounds. This is a passive infrared (PIR) motion that looks for changes in infrared energy that occur with motion. Purchase the DSC BV-300DP from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC BV-300DP Bravo 3 Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector is a hardwired sensor that can reliably detect motion throughout its coverage area. The digital PIR sensor is designed to look for infrared energy signatures that match that of a human, while ignoring motion from other sources.

Like other passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, the BV-300DP looks for changes in infrared energy that are present with motion. The device's multi-level signal processing feature allows it to distinguish between motion caused by a human and motion from other sources. The sensor also utilizes temperature compensation to consistently detect the movement of intruders, even when the ambient temperature is close to that of the human body.

Other features for the BV-300DP include an LED light, four interchangeable lenses, an adjustable sensitivity setting and the capability to wall mount or corner mount the device. Please note that the BV-300DP is the digital version of the Bravo 3 with pet immunity of up to 60 pounds. DSC also offers two versions of the same sensor that do not feature pet immunity, with one being digital (BV-300D) and the other being non-digital (BV-300).

Brand: DSC

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