DSC BV-501

Bravo® 5 360 Degrees Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Detector w/ Tamper


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The DSC BV-501 is the version of the Bravo 5 Ceiling-Mount PIR Sensor that is Form A (normally closed wiring only) and features a tamper switch. This hardwired device will accurately detect any motion that occurs below it. Purchase the DSC BV-501 Bravo 5 Sensor from the Alarm Grid site.
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The DSC BV-501 Bravo 5 Sensor is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector that is mounted on the ceiling. The hardwired sensor will actively look below for any motion that is present. The device features advanced sensing capabilities that specifically look for motion caused by humans.

The BV-501 operates in a manner similar to virtually any passive infrared motion sensor. When motion occurs, it causes a change in infrared energy. A PIR sensor is designed to recognize this change and alert the system. The system will then perform the programmed response for that zone. Overall, this process works great for detecting motion and alerting the system.

The Bravo 5 Sensor uses multi-level signal processing (MLSP) to properly distinguish between different IR energy signatures. The sensor can recognize the difference between the energy signature of a human and the energy signature of a pet or an inanimate object. And with temperature compensation, the sensor can pick up motion when the ambient temperature is close to the temperature of the human body. And with digital signal analysis, the Bravo 5 can provide consistent and steady detection across the complete area of coverage.

Please note that the BV-501 is the Bravo 5 Sensor that is Form A (normally closed wiring only), and it includes a tamper switch. The BV-500 is the exact same sensor, but without the tamper switch. The BV-502 is also the same sensor with a tamper switch, but it is Form C (normally closed or normally open wiring). Additionally, DSC produces an identical sensor that includes glass break detection in addition to its PIR sensor.

Brand: DSC

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