DSC BV-602

Bravo® 6 Twin, Dual-Element, Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector w/ Form C

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The DSC BV-602 is the version of the Bravo 6 that features a tamper switch and a Form C rating. This means that the sensor can utilize normally open or normally closed wiring configurations. The sensor has pet immunity for pets up to 85 pounds. Buy the DSC Bravo 6 PIR Motion Sensor from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC BV-602 is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector that uses dual PIR sensors in its operation. These twin sensors can accurately detect motion, while also reducing the possibility for false alarms. The device features an advanced lens that can differentiate between humans and pets.

Thanks to its twin sensors, the Bravo 6 offers pet immunity for small to medium sized animals that weigh up to 85 pounds. Another feature is the device's multi-level signal processing that allows the sensor to distinguish between the shape of humans and motion caused by other sources. Once the sensor has recognized movement from a human, it can then respond with the system accordingly. Additionally, the sensor uses temperature compensation to pick out human movement at all temperatures, even those very close to that of the body.

The Bravo 6 allows for both wall and corner mounting. We recommend that the sensor not be installed facing any reflective surfaces, heavy air flow or sunlight. It should also not be facing a stairway or any furniture that a pet could use to get higher up. Even with pet immunity, a pet can still set off a motion sensor if they are able to get directly in front of it. This is the case even if the pet weighs less than the advertised pet immunity weight.

Please note that this version of the Bravo 6 (BV-602) is Form C. This means that either a normally closed or a normally open wiring configuration can be used. This version also includes a tamper switch. Alarm Grid also offers another version of this same sensor that is Form A (normally closed wiring) and does not have a tamper switch.

Brand: DSC

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