Addressable Photo Smoke Detector

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The DSC FSB-210B Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector provides a building with fire monitoring. The device will send an alert to the system when fire is present, and the system will then respond accordingly. This is an addressable device, and it must be wired as such. Buy the FSB-210B here.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The DSC FSB-210B is an addressable photoelectric smoke detector that provides fire monitoring for a building. We recommend installing at least one smoke detector on each floor of a building for proper coverage. It is particularly important to place smokes outside of sleeping areas.

The device includes special features to improve its overall functionality. Automatic drift compensation will allow the device to function properly, even when there is dust buildup. Once the dust reaches the compensation limit, the sensor will send a trouble alert to the system. Cleaning the device is very easy with the device's removable smoke chamber. Self-diagnostics allow end users to easily troubleshoot the device and get it working properly.

Please note that this version of the smoke detector does not include a heat sensor. DSC offers another version of this same sensor, the DSC FSB-210BT, that does include a heat sensor. Also note that this is an addressable device, and it must be wired accordingly to achieve proper function.

Brand: DSC

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