Pet Friendly Dual Tech PIR Motion Detector, Form C

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The DSC LC-124-PIMW Dual Tech PIR Motion Detector is a hardwired sensor that uses both passive infrared (PIR) detection and microwave technology. As a Form C sensor, the device can support both normally open and normally closed wiring configurations. Purchase the DSC LC-124-PIMW from us.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The DSC LC-124-PIMW is a hardwired dual tech motion sensor that provides accurate motion detection, while also reducing the possibility of false alarms. This is a Form C sensor that supports both normally open and normally closed wiring. It provides pet immunity for pets up to 55 pounds.

As a sensor, the LC-124-PIMW can accurately detect motion, and it offers various features to reduce false alarms. Its digital signal analysis helps the device determine when it should alert the system to motion. The device also uses Quad Linear Imaging Technology to properly distinguish between movement from the human body and motion that occurs from pets or in the background.

The microwave sensor of the LC-124-PIMW operates based on the principles of the Doppler effect. This means that the sensor will detect the way that signals bounce back and return to the sensor and respond to any changes. The microwave sensor is unique in that it features a micro-strip patch antenna for more accurate detection. Both the PIR sensor and the microwave sensor of the LC-124-PIMW can have their sensitivity settings adjusted based on the environment.

The device is easy for end users to install, and it can be mounted with or without its swivel-mount bracket. A tamper switch on the LC-123-PIMW will alert the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the sensor while the system is armed.

Coverage Area: 50' x 50' at minimum sensitivity. 60' x 50' at maximum sensitivity.

Brand: DSC

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