DSC LC-151

Outdoor Dual Tech Motion Detector w/ Adjustable Pet Immunity

Dsc lc 151 outdoor dual tech motion detector w slash adjustable

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The DSC LC-151 is an outdoor dual tech motion detector that functions using both passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology. The device features an adjustable pet immunity function, and it has a detection range of up to 49 feet. Purchase the DSC LC-151 Motion Sensor from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC LC-151 Outdoor Dual Tech Motion Detector with Adjustable Pet Immunity uses both passive infrared (PIR) technology and microwave sensing capabilities to detect motion. The device is able to accurately detect motion, and it is specifically designed to prevent annoying false alarms.

With its waterproof and seal plastic design, the DSC LC-151 is completely weatherproof. Its IP65 rating allows it to withstand any dust or rain that is present in the environment. This makes the device perfect for use in an outdoor setting. And with temperature compensation, the LC-151 will accurately detect motion even when the ambient temperature is identical to that of the human body. The device can accurately respond to intruders who are moving at virtually any rate of speed.

Both the PIR sensor sensitivity and the microwave sensor intensity can be adjusted for the device as needed. This will allow the user to select appropriate sensitivity levels that will allow the device to respond when needed, while also not causing any false alarms. The PIR sensor looks for changes in passive infrared energy that are caused by human movement. Meanwhile, the microwave sensor uses the Doppler effect in its function. This involves sending out microwave signals and then checking the signals to see how they return to the sensor.

The LC-151 is a Form C sensor, meaning that it can be wired with either a normally open or normally closed configuration. With a pet-immunity lens, the device will provide pet immunity for animals weighing up to 80 pounds. But even without this lens, the sensor will still provide pet immunity for up to 33 pounds. Advanced signal processing allows the sensor to actively distinguish between pets and human intruders. The front and back tamper switches on the device will alert the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the sensor while the system is armed.


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