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The DSC TL8055LTVZ will allow any DSC Impassa System running firmware version 1.3 or higher to connect with Alarm.com and receive fast and reliable monitoring service. This communicator works across IP and the Verizon LTE Cellular Network. Purchase the DSC TL8055LTVZ from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC TL8055LTVZ Alarm.com Dual-Path Communicator is an alarm monitoring communicator for a DSC Impassa System running firmware version 1.3 or higher. This module will allow the system to connect with the Verizon LTE Network and a local IP network for fast and reliable monitoring service.

With the impending sunset of 3G cellular networks, upgrading to LTE is important for any alarm system running an older cellular communicator. Users with alarm systems on 3G networks have two main options. They can upgrade to a newer communicator, or they can replace the system entirely. By purchasing a DSC TL8055LTVZ, you can ensure that your existing Impassa System will stay monitored for many years to come.

The DSC TL8055LTVZ is actually the first official dual-path alarm monitoring communicator for the DSC Impassa Alarm System. This means that the module will make it possible for the system to communicate across cellular and IP networks. If one communication path goes down, the other will be there to back it up. This is the best way to ensure that your security system stays monitored at all times.

As an Alarm.com Communicator, this module will let your system connect with the Alarm.com Servers. After you create an Alarm.com account, you will be able to access the service to control your system remotely. This can be done using the Alarm.com Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Once you have accessed Alarm.com, you can Arm and Disarm your system, check the current system status, control Z-Wave devices, view Alarm.com Cameras and more.

Alarm.com also relays any incoming signals to a central monitoring station and/or the end user. As a result, you will need active service with Alarm.com to use this communicator. Alarm.com requires that the cellular portion of this communicator is active in order for it to work. With this in mind, you will need a cellular alarm monitoring plan if you want to use this module. For Alarm Grid customers, this is a Gold Plan or higher. Please refer to our alarm monitoring page for more information.


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